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Femi’s Tea Reopens at Changi Business Park After CBD Store Closes

  • Premier All-Natural Artisan Teas and Fruit Teas Quick Serve Brand Reopens Despite Pandemic-Affected Closure of Main Store in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD)
  • Passion for Healthy Drinks Alternatives Drives Owner to Persevere Despite Business Woes and Setbacks

Femi’s Tea, launched in Singapore in 2017, has reopened at Changi Business District after closing its main outlet at the Central Business District during the first wave of the COVID Circuit Breaker. The brand is famous for its all-natural, premium quality and bespoke tea, milk tea and fruit tea blends.

Everything in Femi’s Tea is patiently handmade, from syrups to bobas, toppings and their signature yam paste, using only natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives.  Mainstream tea drinks usually contain high levels of sugar, which are linked to health conditions such as diabetes and obesity.  Femi’s Tea eschews this notion that processed sugar and additives are necessary to have a successful, well-sought-after range of quick-serve drinks, and produces drinks that are naturally flavoured and sweetened by unadulterated fruits and ingredients used to make them. Where sugar is needed to mask some bitterness, Femi’s Tea adds natural sucrose that they produce by hand.

Slight Premium Pricing – Worth The Taste and Health Benefits

Femi’s Tea offers fruit, milk and tea-based drinks, with a twist.  Over the years, the brand has created a range of unique flavours, from self-sourced ingredients that only Femi’s Tea imports into Singapore.  Owned by a Chinese national, now a Singapore Citizen, Femi’s Tea uses their China connections to source for China-specific ingredients that are renowned for their efficacy and health benefits. 

The brand’s Osmanthus Oolong Raw Leaf tea is derived from Osmanthus flowers, grown in Southern China.  Its floral fragrance, unique to the Southern China region adds a delightful floral fruity fragrance to the slightly bitter Oolong tea it is paired with, giving the drink several layers of complexity to tantalise one’s tastebuds.  A second favourite is the Longan Chia Coco.  Made with fresh coconut juice, longan fruit cubes and chia seeds, this is a low-calorie, high protein drink whose longan component also helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar in diabetics.  The drink is naturally sweetened by the coconut juice, so no fructose is needed at all, making it a hit with fitness fanatics in the area.

“Personally, I wanted to be able to have a tasty drink without compromising my health, but I could not find them in the market.  This began my journey of searching for natural, unprocessed ingredients which I could use to make my own drinks, where I travelled to Taiwan, China, Japan, and other countries to visit tea plantations, orchards, and beverage making facilities, to learn how to make healthy, all-natural great tasting drinks,” says Femi Shen, the founder and owner of Femi’s Tea. 

“The pandemic was a really tough time for small businesses like us, and sadly I had to close my original outlet at the CBD, as overnight, there was no lunch and walk-in crowd.  I spent a few months reeling from the loss, but eventually decided that this was what I wanted to do, needed to do, for my loyal customer base who benefitted from our healthier drink options.  So, I pulled myself together, with the help of family and friends, to reopen a store.  It may not be as prestigious and as large as our original outlet at the CBD, but it gives me a base to restart and continue what I love doing”

Eco-Friendly Initiatives, Sustainable for Health and The Environment

Besides being conscious about health, Femi’s Tea is also mindful of its impact on the environment. The environmental issue with quick-serve drinks is clear: every part of the packaging, from the flimsy lid to the thick straw, to the whole container is plastic. To lessen their carbon footprint, Femi’s Tea provides reusable cups for customers and recyclable packaging made from sustainable sources.

Femi’s Tea’s new outlet is located at Changi Business Park (6 Changi Business Park Ave 1, ESR Bizpark@Changi, #01-23 (opposite FairPrice Xtra) Singapore 486017.  It is open from 10am to 8pm daily.  Femi’s Tea is also available online at, Grab Food, Food Panda and Deliveroo.

High Resolution Product Image Downloadable Here

High Resolution Brand Video Downloadable Here and Here

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