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From Husband-and-Wife Start-Up to Singapore’s Youngest Entrepreneurial Success Story: How Water Turned the Tide

  • Livingcare is set to dominate the sector in 2022 as the leading provider and fastest-growing company providing purified health and wellness products in Singapore as market share multiplies ten times over.

Livingcare was launched in 2019 by husband-and-wife duo, Benjamin, and Sharon at aged 26, who are now two of the youngest entrepreneurs in the market. Following 10 years in the industry together, Benjamin set about to launch the most innovative water purification technology and remains the first in Singapore to have patented a thermoelectric semiconductor, for an instant cooling system for the first-ever eco-friendly product.

Since its inception, together with Ben as Founder and CEO and Sharon as Executive Director, they have created and built a company and lifestyle brand that has multiplied its market share and revenue over ten times, with the outlook of the same growth in under 12 months for 2022.

With a team of just 30 staff and despite being the smallest company in the market, Livingcare is set to dominate the sector as the leading provider of purified health and wellness products in Singapore.

In just under a year Livingcare became Singapore’s No.1 trusted leading water purifier and dispenser company. With health and wellness at the core of every product innovation, Livingcare provides healthy, eco-friendly, modern, and unique products for better health and wellness at home.  

Committed to providing better options, services, price points and products and with an excellent track record of customer care and the provision of the best water purification system and alkaline pH water for health, Singaporeans are flocking to use Livingcare’s healthy living products.

Livingcare is the only company with the proprietary technology to deliver significant advancements in water purifying and dispensers in Singapore at a price point that is affordable.  From adopting electrolytic technology to generate hydrogen ions and destroying bacteria for the iMist Shield. To providing purifying shower filters that remove chlorine and rust, at the same time delivering Vitamin C and natural antioxidants. Alongside delivering the best and most innovative range of water purifying dispensers for both hot and cold water. Benjamin is committed to his core values of providing the best customer service in the market, he commented:

“I am so proud to bring my vision to life and provide unbeatable service with integrity at the core of everything we do while delivering innovation in the sector and unique health and lifestyle products at an affordable price. We are delighted to work with a small team that has the same vision as us and the results have paid off. In 2022 we expect to multiply revenue ten times over once again and as a small boutique company, we are delighted to be recognised as Singapore’s No.1 leading and trusted provider. For any other budding entrepreneurs out there, we hope this brings inspiration to follow your dreams and bring them to life”

Livingcare can also proudly boast of being the first eco-friendly water purifying company to launch the motorless tankless alkaline hot and cold-water dispensers in Singapore. The Motorless Dispensers are sustainably designed to consume 0 energy on standby mode. All through its innovative propriety technology and patented thermoelectric semiconductor.

Livingcare stands out of the crowd because of its commitment to value-adding and providing the best products and services for clients and is uniquely positioned to deliver premium health and wellness products that are affordable, freshly purified water.

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