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A Different Take On ‘Parenting Trends’, Revealed By Adults

People from parents to teachers have discussed what they believe to be the worst parenting trend regarding how children are raised. @u/Sam_21000 asked on the “Ask Reddit” community: “What parenting “trend” do you strongly disagree with?” There have been over 40,400 upvotes for this question, which criticizes how parents raise their children, including discipline.

According to one user, my wife and I are the neighborhood pariahs because we allow our kids to ride bikes in our quiet, low-crime suburban town. I have had a parent tell me he won’t let his son come over without him just in case I might do something crazy like let them shoot hoops on the basketball hoop without standing there watching them.

The parent wrote that her son and his little sister would fight to be first in line to kiss Daddy bye at the door. About being overprotective, she noted how important it is to teach him to “just be nice” and “not pushy.” When he began pushing her, we made him wait, so he ran off to his room crying.

Upon his return, my husband asked, ‘Did you learn anything?’ He sniffed and replied, “I did.” My husband asked, “What did you learn?” In response, the boy wiped his nose and said, “I don’t know, but I learned a lot.”

Many teachers replied, noting parents shouldn’t enroll their kids in too many activities throughout the week. One noted over-scheduling activities. As a kindergarten teacher, my students told me they had no time for play because every day consisted of non-stop structured sports, dances, etc.

One user’s comment stated that play doesn’t mean play date. It does not have to mean organized sports. You do not have to require your child to participate in scheduled activities 4-6 times a week. Get that s*** off!

The question also prompted a discussion about social media and how parents often share their children’s content there. Many Reddit users agree that not everything about a child should be posted online.

“Oversharing stuff on social media about your kids,” one user said. I don’t think it’s cute to see Johnny’s poop in the potty. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a 2-year-old; you wouldn’t post a picture of your feces in the toilet.

Another commented, “I see so many Facebook moms sharing WAY too much info about their children.” Such as when and where they attend school, their doctors, birthdays and addresses, tagging their daycares when they’re there, etc. Do you think this is playing with fire? Is it just me?

Many people acknowledge that every parent has their own rules and strategies when it comes to parenting. However, a Reddit user pointed out that a balance between “boundaries” and “rules” can make a difference.

“One person wrote that there seems to be a trend of parents going the whole helicopter or full oblivious/no boundaries,” one person wrote. “It’s about finding the right amount of middle ground so kids can learn about what they can and cannot do while also respecting and being kind to others.”

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