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20% Of Spaniards Trust Social Networks To Choose Which Movies To Watch

What makes a person choose to watch one movie or another is mostly word of mouth. But that tradition happens more and more often in the virtual world. 23.37% of Spaniards trust social networks and the prescribers shown through them when choosing a title.

An even higher figure, 27.06% of them, is fixed in the scores on specialized web pages such as Internet Movie Database (IMDb) , owned by Amazon, and the Spanish Filmaffinity , according to a study by the channel producer AMC, specialized in cinema.

However, the preferred option for Spaniards, in 60.33% of cases, continues to be the direct recommendation of a family member or friend. Then count what the media experts say, with 42.57%, and also the awards that these productions have received, for 29.57% of those surveyed.

These data come from the report by AMC Networks International Southern Europe (AMCNISE) ―which produces and distributes 25 thematic television channels for Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, focused on cinema―, presented online this Tuesday by Manuel Balsera, general director from AMCNISE; Fernando Hernáiz, director of research at AMCNISE and responsible for conducting the study of cinematographic preferences of Spaniards; and María Guerra, journalist specialized in cinema and director of the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AIC).

The survey was carried out electronically, consulting 1,515 people in May 2021 ―the Metroscopia surveysfor EL PAÍS they are 3,000. According to Hernáiz, the proportionality of gender and age in Spain has been maintained, obviously not that of people who go to the movies or who consume movies (which has caused curious results in the lists of favorite films), in a questionnaire that He mixed open and closed questions, and did not even ask where they consumed the cinema as a question.

In question time to the press, Hernáiz acknowledged that the results were very similar to those that came out of the preference surveys of his subscribers: “Those top movies that appear in the survey have translation on our grid.”

In a night session and as a couple: this is how Spaniards go to the movies
Within the cinephile preferences, the sagas are on the podium of the favorites; of the 10 highest rated, six are from this group. Even so, the answers, which were open, have been mixed. Star Wars has been in the first place, but it has barely obtained 9%. Titanic follows .

By age, there are clear generational differences. From 16 to 26 years old they choose Harry Potter as their first choice; 27 to 40 years old prefer Titanic ; from 41 to 52 choose Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings with a tie; while from 53 to 70 are more than The Godfather.

The study records that 70% of Spaniards watch more than five movies a month and 25% more than 10. This ritual is done with 80% of the time accompanied. But the report did not ask where. “This reinforces its value as a social act and that it enjoys good health,” said Hernáiz.

“These data defend that the confrontation paradigm is overcome, whether in theaters or at home, that conflictive perception is broken. Alfonso Cuarón already expressed this when he presented Roma [screened on Netflix] at the Venice festival, and he asked journalists how many spectators had seen Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in a room. He said that the domestic screen had been very important to act as a cinephile transmitter, ”defended María Guerra.

The international brand predominates
Spaniards are clear who their favorite director is: all generations name Steven Spielberg (18.75%). Respondents value the long career of the American director, with hits such as Tiburon or ET El extraterrestre. And yet none of his titles appeared on the various favorite movie listings.

With a significant distance, they are followed by Pedro Almodóvar (8.51%) and Quentin Tarantino (6.53%). The director of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, along with Alejandro Amenábar, in fourth place, occupy relevant positions in this category.

Isabel Coixetis the first woman to appear on the list, and is ranked 25. For this reason, Guerra recommends that filmmakers who want to prosper consider “learning English and making a saga”, since international cinema has been highly valued in the survey.

Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro and Julia Roberts take the top spots in the preferred actor section in a highly fragmented choice. These interpreters are followed by Will Smith , Meryl Streep , who turns 72 this Tuesday, and Johnny Depp . The best-placed Spanish actor on this list is Antonio Banderas, in eighth position, and the next is Penelope Cruz, in 13th place.

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