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A CUP Mayor Resigns In Navarcles After Stopping A Monologue With Sexual Jokes

The councilor for Feminisms in the Navarcles City Council (Barcelona), Ylènia Morros (CUP), has resigned after a monologue by Albert Boira stopped last Saturday, considering that the show included “irrelevant” sexual jokes that could “offend” to the LGTBI collective.

The events took place during the municipality’s Fiesta Mayor, when Morros took the microphone in the middle of Boira’s performance and explained to the public that he had asked him to “stop making this type of pansexual jokes,” which earned him the whistle and the boos from the audience and reproach from the rest of the government forces.

“Perhaps you have not felt offended because you are not part of this group, but there have been some jokes of a sexual nature that are not relevant and we work every day to make these attacks visible and that these groups can be freely in the street, “he said before the mayor, Josep Maria Feliu, publicly distanced himself from the mayor.

After the controversy generated by this action, Morros has announced that he is resigning from office, a decision that he has assured that he took months ago, but that he has had to “accelerate” in the face of “too serious and deep personal and political misgivings” within the municipal government, led by Ara Navarcles -ascribed to ERC- and in which the ‘comuns’ and the CUP participate.

In a statement, the mayor has denounced that the executive is not “cohesive” and “hangs on by a thread” due to “lack of trust” and “teamwork” and with “contradictions that have been increasing”

“We are a so-called leftist, transformative government, but we limit ourselves to managing, trying to look good and posing together. And we avoid political actions that go further, which involve a change of model,” he reproached.

Accused of “censoring”
For his part, Ara Navarcles has accused Morros of “censuring” Boira for believing himself “morally superior to the rest”, of carrying out “gesticulations and posture policy” and has stressed that the mayor of Cupera “was wrong” in the background and in the form.

“A government councilor cannot censor an act by taking a decision unilaterally, without consulting it and agreeing on it with the rest of the colleagues and with the volunteers of the organization,” the training has maintained in a note, in which it has been marked as “very serious and dangerous that a single person believes himself morally superior to the rest and can decide what can be said and what not in a public act based on his personal perception “.

The CUP has also stepped up and expressed its “unanimous support” for Morros in the face of the “lynching” suffered on social networks and the “public criticism” he made because “freedom of expression is not at odds with respect for groups LGTBI and feminism “, but has admitted that his intervention” should have been agreed with the other members of the government. “

In addition, it has reaffirmed its commitment to a progressive executive with “inclusive and egalitarian” policies, despite the “contradictions”, and has urged Ara Navarcles-ERC and Navarcles En Comú to “strengthen the ties that unite them,” reports Efe .

The monologue Albert Boira has also reacted to the controversy and, in a message on Twitter, has indicated that, with his show, he sought to “make visible a sexual orientation in the first person” , referring to himself “in a town in the interior, where statistically there are many people still in the closet. “

Boira has described his comedy as “committed, inclusive, activist in short” and has invited Morros to “reconsider, assimilate, learn, and continue fighting for a better world”: “I am convinced that that and no other was his intention “, has considered.

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