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A Joking Remark By Andrew Lloyd Webber At The Cinderella Reopening About The Covid Conspiracy

Lloyd Webber shared a Covid-19 conspiracy theory on stage as his musical Cinderella reopened for the first time in months. After lengthy delays caused by Covid-19, Lloyd Webber and Emerald Fennell’s contemporary take on the traditional fairytale – Carrie Hope Fletcher as the leading princess – opened in August. In December, the show was forced to shut down alongside many other theaters across the country after the Omicron variant spread.

Following the cancellation of his theatre production of Cinderella until February 2022, Andrew Lloyd Webber says he is “devastated.” He wrote on Twitter that this virus has once again ruined his joy of entertaining audiences, a passion he holds so dear. Next year, he has postponed the show to avoid further disruption as the Omicron variant of Covid-19 sends cases rocketing around the UK, particularly in London, where the show was taking place.

He said that postponing the show was the right thing to do. It is not just for the safety of our cast, musicians, and backstage crew, but also for the quality of show we provide to our audiences who travel long distances and invest significant resources to come to see us.

The show finally returned to Gillian Lynne Theatre on Thursday night (3 February), with Lloyd Webber opening it personally with a speech. He and the cast were “overjoyed” to be back in his statements. The composer said the show’s initial rehearsals had been strenuous due to mask-wearing, but the break allowed us to make changes.

Lloyd Webber said that many people wonder, why would somebody like me close a show and reopen the show like this? The reason behind the shutting and reopening of the show was the new covid variant. As we were fighting to prevent delta variant from spreading, the new virus hit us, worrying. It was because a lot of us were getting the virus again.

We can’t just keep giving vague performances, and it would be better for us to regroup to present you with the kind of show that I think you as the audience deserve. I think that’s incredibly important.

The remarks encouraged cheers from the viewers. Lloyd Webber then said that many of you are familiar with the solution to this one; however, what is the anagram of Omicron and Delta? -Media control. Jonathan Haynes, a Guardian journalist, tweeted: just at the end, from Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘What is the anagram of “Delta” and “Omicron”?’ – ‘Media control.'”

During the pandemic, Lloyd Webber was a vocal critic of the government’s attitude toward the arts in the pandemic. Initially, he stated that he would reopen the theatres when the lockdown ended in June, even if it meant being arrested. Lloyd Webber has also shown a positive attitude toward vaccination. He advocated for the vaccine and compared those who refuse it to drink drivers.

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