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Abelló Museum Participates In A Program To Disseminate Heritage Through 3D Images

The Abelló de Mollet Museum participates in a program to disseminate cultural heritage through 3D images. In this way, the painting ‘Homenatge al paisatge del Vallès’, which Abelló painted, can be observed with “all the details from different perspectives.

The Abelló de Mollet del Vallès Museum (Vallès Oriental participates in the ‘Giravolt’ digitization program of the Generalitat de Catalunya to disseminate cultural heritage through 3D images . In this way, the painting Homenatge al paisatge del Vallès , painted by Joan Abelló , it can be observed with “all the details from different perspectives and done from home”, they explain from the Museum.

In total, images of four works have been taken: two paintings and two sculptures. Thus, the works have been photographs from different angles to later be able to view it on the internet in 3D format, that is, to be able to see the work from a 360 degree perspective .

The objective of this project is to disseminate the cultural heritage of both museums and buildings and to reach new audiences through new technologies , especially young people. In addition, it can also be seen on the museum’s website. “In September they want to do it again with other works by Abelló”, they comment from the museum.

Closed for vacations
On the other hand, since August 1, the Mollet Museum has been closed for holidays and will resume its usual activity from August 21, coinciding with the Mollet del Vallès Festival .

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