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The Crazy Cube Game – 5 LETTER WORD WINS!

Be the first to line up five letters to spell out a word by pushing out your opponents’ cubes and inserting new ones to disrupt their words and form your own. Make words horizontally, vertically and diagonally, and use the LEX cubes, which can stand for any letter you like. If your opponent makes a word that uses a letter on one of your cards, you steal their points! You can use three- or four-letter words for younger players, and when you’re finished, you can pack up the entire game, including the cubes and cards, in the game grid, which also works like a handy carry case. Now you’re ready to take Lex Match wherever you go, for endless portable fun.

RRP £19.99

Available on Amazon from November 2022

GIANT Pass the Pugs

The classic dice game Pass the Pigs gets a pupgrade, perfect for pug lovers everywhere! And now there’s a giant inflatable version! Throw the pugs and see how they land — will you be the first to score 100 points? Will your pugs Play Dead, Faceplant or land totally Pooped Out? Comes with a handy carry bag, so you can deflate your pugs and pack them away This charming family game is a perfect travel companion and outdoor activity

RRP £19.99 Available NOW on Amazon


Super fast word game from Waddingtons No.1

Lex-GO! is one ‘L’ of a super-fast word game, now with a Star Wars twist. The aim of the game is to use up all your tiles by adding to your opponents’ words, making your own and swapping out tiles to gain a tactical advantage. With 50 letter tiles and 5 Galactic Star Wars tiles, everything comes packed into a custom, Star Wars themed canvas bag, meaning you can challenge your friends any time, anywhere. Switch up gameplay using one of five special Star Wars tiles to steal your opponents’ tiles or shuffle another player’s words. Be careful not to choose the Yoda tile, or you’ll find your own letters frozen instead! Use the Jedi Mind Trick tile to represent any letter you choose and race to build as many words as possible. Use the Darth Vader tile to release your anger and use the dark side of the force. This competitive, rapid-fire game is easy for any player to pick up, and its stylish presentation makes it a joy for players young and old. You can even challenge yourself to make as many Star Wars words as possible. But whether you’re a lifelong Star Wars Fan or a vocabulary fanatic looking for a new challenge, you’re bound to get hooked, so grab your tiles and shout, ‘Lex-GO!’

RRP £14.99 Available on Amazon from October 2022


Celebrating the England Women’s National Football Team’s historic win at the 2022 European Championships. 

30 OF YOUR FAVOURITE players from the England Women’s National Football Team: find out how many clean sheets Mary Earps has had, how many Trophies Lucy Bronze has won, and how many goals Leah Williamson has scored.

RRP £8 Available on Amazon from November 2022


The Top Trumps Trending range includes 6 brand new decks around current hot topics

covering Trainers, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Fashion and NFTs

Top Trumps is loved by all ages and each pack is packed full of stats and facts. This brand new range covers trends specifically aimed at Gen-Z (ages 10-25).

Top Trumps Guide to TRENDS OF NFTs

The programmatically-generated world of Non-Fungible Tokens can be a tricky space to navigate. That’s why Top Trumps has put together this brand new Guide to NFTs, featuring 30 of our favourite NFT projects listed on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. NFTs are unique cryptographic assets, recorded on a blockchain. Collectors and traders can’t get enough of these digital avatars and artworks, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to investigate some of the most iconic collections. If you’re looking to learn more about the Bored Ape Yacht Club,  Hape Prime, Azuki or the Mekaverse, this game is for you! With categories including Highest Sale, Unique Owners, Year and Value, it’s time to deploy your NFT knowledge to choose the best stat from each card and outsmart your opponents. Hold on to your Ether a little longer and invest in this new Top Trumps #trending deck for a bite-sized look at the collecting craze that’s gripped the globe. 

RRP £8 Available on Amazon from November 2022

Top Trumps Guide to FASHION TRENDS

Trendsetters unite! Fashion, just like Top Trumps, has something for everyone: it’s always moving and ever-evolving. Whether you like big, bold clashes, or formal, sensible looks, there’s a style for you. This Top Trumps #trending pack features 30 iconic and distinctive styles, from classic to contemporary, formal to fantastical, and outerwear to plain and simple out-there. Rated according to their Cost, Original Decade, Comfort, Shock and Grammability, this deck of Top Trumps may just be the next must-have accessory. Cottagecore or Light Academia? Goth or Grunge? Twiggy or Cher? Whether you’re looking for your next favourite style, or want to see your current look represented, there’s something here for everyone. Follow fashion trends throughout the eras and discover just how heavily retro looks have inspired current obsessions. If your outfit isn’t already turning heads, we’re pretty sure this new deck of Top Trumps will; after all, Top Trumps is the ultimate retro throwback! 

RRP £8 Available on Amazon from November 2022

Top Trumps Guide to TRAINERS

By the time Tupac Shakur name-dropped Chucks in his 1995 track California Love, the cult following surrounding trainers was in full swing. A trend that started as far back as the 1980s, trainers quickly transformed from sport shoes to everyday accessories or — more fittingly — fashion statements. Now trainers are a global phenomenon that connects sneakerheads all around the world in a growing community, which is why we’ve put together this new Top Trumps #trending Guide to Trainers. Featuring 30 of the most daring and innovative designs from every era of sneakers, you can find your old favourites and discover some new must-haves as well. With categories including Year, Cult Status, Popularity and Range, it’s time to decide once and for all which is the Top Trump. Will it be the Yeezy collab with Adidas, Nike’s Airforce 1, or the Converse All Star? You can practically smell that new-shoe smell from here, can’t you?

RRP £8 Available on Amazon

Top Trumps Guide to SPOTIFY TRENDS

Press play on this brand new pack of Top Trumps full of your favourite musical artists. Everyone has that one musician they can always jam to. That’s why we’ve put together this Top Trumps #trending pack that shows off 30 of the hottest artists around. Take a look at famous names like Billie Eilish, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, as well as newcomers, self-starters and go-getters like Dove Cameron, The Kid Laroi and Megan Thee Stallion. And what sort of playlist would it be without BTS? With categories including Debut Year, Listeners per Month, Studio Albums and our own Relatable rating, it’s your job to figure out which is the best stat from each card, in order to outsmart your opponents and claim every card for your own. Will you win big with Emmy Meli’s monthly listeners, or will Drake’s album count see you to victory? Perhaps Sabrina Carpenter’s lyrics are the most relatable around? Crank up the volume and find out.

RRP £8 Available on Amazon from November 2022

Top Trumps Guide to TRENDS OF YOUTUBE

It’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t visited the online video-sharing website, YouTube. With over 800 million YouTube videos, some trends were inevitable. This Top Trumps #trending pack covers 30 of our favourite YouTube trends since the site was launched in 2005. From vlogging to DIY and reaction videos, plus iconic characters and music like Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, Rickrolling and Charlie Bit My Finger, this new edition of Top Trumps encapsulates all of the humour, innovation and creativity that the video platform offers nowadays. Learn about the history of these trends and historic moments, discover their impact, value and much more. With categories including Year, Views and Controversy, you’ll need to deploy all of your knowledge if you want to choose your best stats and outsmart your opponents. Will you shake down your foes with the Harlem Shake, or Live Stream your victory dance once you’ve claimed all of their cards? Featuring everything from animals to ASMR, this pack is sure to entertain and educate in equal measure. Just don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that bell.

RRP £8 Available on Amazon from November 2022

Top Trumps Guide to TIKTOK TRENDS

Just like Top Trumps, TikTok is into whatever you are! From comedy sketches to life hacks, advice and adorable animals, the social media platform is full of entertaining and relatable content. Since its launch in 2016, its popularity has surged, thanks in part to our need for joy, distractions and social interactions in difficult times. 2020 was a tough year, but TikTok united us as we figured out ways to feel less lonely. We went from making whipped coffee at home, to going on hot girl walks, working remotely and singing Jiggle Jiggle — until It’s Corn came along in 2022! Top Trumps’ Guide to TikTok Trends is a bite-sized summary of the hottest trends from the last few years. Did you love Scrub Daddy in the bathroom or Emily Mariko in the kitchen? And did Chrissy ever actually wake up? With categories including Likes, Fun Factor, Global Reach and Earworm Rating, this pack is the perfect way to look back on some of our favourite videos. And we promise, it won’t feel like 30,000.  

RRP £8 Available on Amazon from November 2022

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