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Cover Of A Magazine Generates Controversy In Social Networks

Antonio David Flores continues away from television, months after his sudden dismissal from Mediaset as a result of the heartbreaking testimony of Rocío Carrasco in the documentary ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

But the television exile of the former civil guard has not prevented his closest relatives from having continued to have a loudspeaker on Telecinco, as is the case of Olga Moreno in ‘Survivors’, as well as in her subsequent special interview, and that of Rocío Flores in’ Ana Rosa’s program ‘. However, Antonio David could be thinking about his return to the sets.

That is, at least, what Diez Minutos magazine suggests in its issue of this Wednesday, August 4. The publication has on its cover an image of Antonio David and Olga in which they appear very smiling and toasting with champagne.

The reason for the celebration would be none other than his imminent return to television. “Antonio David celebrates with Olga his possible return to television,” reads the headline.

The cover of Diez Minutos has given much to talk about on social networks, but not precisely because of the information it provides. Numerous Twitter users have denounced that the magazine contributes to the “whitewashing” of Antonio David’s image, at the same time that they challenge Telecinco not to give him a voice in its programs again.

Although it would not be surprising if the Mediaset chain showed interest in the television reappearance of Antonio David, taking into account that it allowed an episode of vicarious violence to occur during the final of ‘Survivors 2021’, everything points to the former collaborator of ‘ Save me ‘will not step on, at least for the moment, the group’s studios in Fuencarral, as he himself revealed a few days ago.

After Carlos Sobera opened the doors of the chain to Antonio David during the broadcast of the special ‘Now Olga’, stating that he would have “his opportunity in Mediaset to respond”, the aforementioned replied from La Razón: “I think he does not know the whole situation in which I meet Mediaset and I think it may be their strategy for the labor lawsuit that was suspended until September “. “I am going to sue 80% of the collaborators,” he warned.

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