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Criticism Of Horsemen Of Justice From Duel To Revenge

Criticism of ‘Horsemen of Justice’: from duel to revenge. Anders Thomas Jensen twists the unspeakable a tale of revenge with elements of black, absurd and dislocated comedy.

‘Horsemen of Justice’
Direction: Anders Thomas Jensen

Performers: Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Gustav Lindh, Roland Moller

Country: Denmark

Year: 2020

Premiere: August 13, 2021

Score: ★★★

Beyond the torrential presence of Mads Mikkelsen, one of those actors who devours everything on screen, ‘Horsemen of Justice’ knows how to twist the unspeakable a simple story of revenge and constantly fracture the drama, which there is, with elements of comedy black, absurd and dislocated.

The result is a healthy combination in which the traditional hieraticism of the Nordic tales of intrigue blends perfectly with the sense of humor provided by the bizarre characters that accompany Mikkelsen on his vigilante itinerary.

It is a revenge film, true, but in the end, and after some healthy script twists, it also questions this generic variant that has gone from the fascist cinema of urban vigilantes to the study of the violent contradictions of the human species.

Mikkelsen plays in the film a military man who must stay longer than desired in a war conflict. During that time, his wife died in a subway accident in which her daughter was also riding.

The military man returns home and tries to be with his teenage daughter, whom he does not know how to treat. But the appearance on the scene of a lonely and obsessive mathematics expert, who was also present in the accident, overturns what should be nothing more than a grieving process.

According to the mathematician, it was not an accident but an attack. The film becomes the no less obsessive search for the culprits. The group that makes up the military man, the mathematician and his crazy friends, computer scientists no less bizarre, is anything but the savage group of Sam Peckinpah.

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