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Criticism Of ‘The Other Bodyguard 2’ Parody Of Herself

Criticism of ‘The other bodyguard 2’: parody of herself. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson reenact their characters in this film directed by Patrick Hughes and with Antonio Banderas as the operetta villain.

‘The other bodyguard 2’
Director: Patrick Hughes
Premiere June 16, 2021
Year: 2021

There are mimetic movie sequels. This is one of them . Change the record of the villain a bit: in ‘The Other Bodyguard’ he was a dictator played by Gary Oldman , and in this new installment he is a Greek billionaire played by Antonio Banderas , whose particular crusade against the European Union for economically sinking his country has some grace, really.

But beyond this evil operetta and some gags scattered throughout 100 minutes, ‘The other bodyguard 2’ is one of those mixes that do not quite combine well between action cinema and comedy.

The stammering bodyguard played by Ryan Reynolds and the hitman played by Samuel L. Jackson are reunited, more out of circumstance than conviction. They have as an ally the woman of the second, a Salma Hayek more histrionic than her character, already grotesque, demands.

And so, between shootings, chases, deceptions and jokes – to which neither Morgan Freeman himself , in a curious but wasted character, nor a psychiatrist overwhelmed by the protagonist’s insecurities escapes -, a film that takes place at a devilish pace it looks more muscle than substance.

The parody of action cinema has not ceased since James Bond came up with more hedonistic and ironic competitors, such as Matt Helm or F for Flint. Those films laughed with a certain class – albeit too misogyny – at the hegemonic myths in the story of intrigue and espionage. ‘The other bodyguard 2’ has fewer references to reflect on and, one way or another, ends up laughing at herself.

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