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Criticism Of ‘The Show’ The Lysergic Detective Paranoia

‘The Show’
Director Mitch Jenkins

Performers Tom Burke, Siobhan Hewlett, Darrell D’Silva, Ellie Bamber, Christopher Fairbank, Alan Moore

Year 2020

Premiere August 20, 2021 (Filmin)

Score: ★★★

‘The Show’ could well be called ‘Freak freak show, freaky freaky show’, and is that the first film written by Alan Moore stands as a hallucinogenic journey in which anything can happen and in which we find quirky characters, nightmarish scenarios, absurd humor and impossible situations that connect the creator’s universe with detective tradition and sinister fantasy.

The Six Secrets of Alan Moore’s Magical Universe
A man of vague identity (the ever-magnetic Tom Burke ) arrives in an enchanted town, Northampton, looking for a valuable object. There he will discover that dreams are connected with the world of the living and that ghosts swarm among us, that there are retired superheroes who watch us through the network, occult comedians who exercise their power from beyond, ‘dealers’ addicted to Voodoo, child researchers, and eccentric singers with Hitler’s mustaches.

In short, a gallery of beings that could perfectly exist in a cartoon and that here appears wrapped in an atmosphere of a Lynchian character with an irresistibly eighties touch.

‘The Show’ is a stimulating display of cosmic delusion that has the virtue of configuring a rich mythology around it. Sometimes the film directed by Mitch Jenkins, Moore’s regular collaborator on his short films, fails to rise to the occasion, but there is something deeply absorbing about it that engulfs and traps , like that black hole described in the plot. and in which we all end up submerged in one way or another, as if we were in a coma, drugged or in a perpetual state of wakefulness.

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