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Cruïlla, Vida And Canet Rock Criticize Salut’s Study Of Festivals

Discrepancies and protests of the festivals before the study made public this Thursday by Salut on the infections derived from its celebration, in the first and second week of July.

The Cruïlla, Canet Rock and Life Festival ask that the published figures (2,279 infected, 842 more than expected) “is contextualize” claims Gemma Recoder (Canet), and that other factors are taken into account, as the work of screening, from which it was detected and removed positives that no longer entered the enclosures. “Our role has been more to prevent covid-19 than to spread, and the vision of this study is partial”, defends Jordi Herreruela, director of Cruïlla.

Music festivals recorded 58% more infections than expected
The festivals relativize the viral impact by recalling that “those days we were having 8,000 daily infections in Catalonia, and that in the three weeks analyzed there were more than 200,000 registered,” says Herreruela, who recalls that of those 2,279 infected, 1,437 were expected ” and they would have occurred anyway if they had not attended the exhibitions “, he highlights. “Do festivals produce 2,279 infected? Man, to put it like that is tabloid. In the case of Cruïlla, we can only speak of 221 cases above those expected ”.

Risk-taking public
The director of the Fòrum exhibition adds another element to clarify the figures and points to the profile of the attendees. “People who take an additional risk compared to those who do not leave the house, and who move, so that, if they had not come to the festival, they would have taken risks in other situations,” he argues.

“You could also talk about the risks of those who take public transport or go to a restaurant, but these activities are not questioned.” The public at these festivals is “young and active”, Gemma Recoder stresses, and “it cannot be shown where it was infected”.

The festivals criticize that the Salut study has not taken into account the screenings, which resulted in 285 positives in the Cruïlla, excluded from the festival (and that “would have generated more than 1,000 infections”, Herreruela estimates), as well as 152 in Canet Rock and 51 at the Vida Festival.

In this regard, the director of Cruïlla draws as a conclusion that “screening by promoters is very difficult and involves a very high risk”, and asks that “the tests be done in pharmacies and that pharmacists become notaries of our state of health ”.

Spread “a little” higher
The directors admit that more infections were generated as a result of the celebration of the festivals than if they had not been celebrated, although the differential represents “a very small percentage”, says Gemma Recoder. For Herreruela, it must be remembered that these samples “have probably been the events with the highest risk since the beginning of the pandemic and, even so, the level of spread is only slightly higher than that of the population that did not attend them.”

Festivals are shown as a productive sector that tries to find a way to resume its activity assuming that zero risk in any field will always be impossible. For this reason, it is about “generating spaces with a low transmission capacity”, points out Jordi Herreruela, while Dani Poveda (Vida Festival) recalls that this year was “a pilot test whose purpose was to implement the model to recover the activity ”.

Herreruela considers the festivals as “allies” of the administration. “Doing this Cruïlla has helped us to learn, because it is about finding ways to go back to work”, given that post-pandemic normality “may be difficult to achieve” and, while it does not arrive, “we will have to find formulas.”

The director of Cruïlla announces that the festival is preparing its own study that will be made public at the end of August or September, and says that he observes “the desire to attack, in a sensational way, the live music sector, which has been blamed for the beginning of the pandemic ”.

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