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David Bisbal, Civilized Hubbub In Cap Roig

Almost 20 years after his entry on the scene via ‘OT’, David Bisbal is a brand that is equivalent to Latin fieryness and hip blow in the moonlight, a cliché that he pampers and molds, opening spaces for the expiatory ballad open to the southern melisma. His is a clear character, without double funds, who guarantees nights of civilized excitement in places like Cap Roig, where he came this Thursday loaded with his latest album, ‘En tu planes’.

Superprofessional Bisbal, made a brush with his blue suit and dispensing his secular postures, spreading his legs and pointing to the horizon with his index finger, or turning on himself like a top. His will be a style that leaves little residue, but is unique and distinguishable.

Knowing the ‘tempos’ of the stage, he took care to settle the concert in the frugal tropical rumba (the title track of the new album) and in those ballads with affected vocalization, such as ‘The need’, where he tells his interlocutor that she it is “the border between being alive and living.”

This 42-year-old Bisbal tends more to introspection. “I like the energy, but also the feeling,” he made clear about melodramas with reparative aspirations such as ‘Guilty’ or ‘Forgiveness’.

Climbing on fire
Bisbal is still the boy from Almería who adds a phrase “for God and for the Virgin” and who in the middle of the sarao says he is thinking of his mother . It sports an underdeveloped verb, with its “magic moments” and its inclination to “feel the feeling.”

But he has never tried to pretend what he is not, and in Cap Roig, wrapped in detail by a high-performance band (on guitar, Ludovico Vagnone , also busy this summer with Estopa), he overwhelmed with his light sensuality and that ‘crescendo’ in flames (virtual) to the blow of ‘ If you want it’ (his recording duet with Aitana) and of ‘Bulería’ and ‘Ave María’, the numbers from which it will never be possible to take off.

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