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Dear Neighbors Unhealthy and Toxic Everyday Things

‘Dear Neighbors’: Unhealthy and Toxic Everyday Things. The D’Innocenzo brothers present in this satire a community of semi-detached houses, on the outskirts of Rome, and whose existence is anything but Edenic, relaxed or quiet.

‘Dear neighbors’

Directed by Damiano D’Innocenzo and Fabio D’Innocenzo

Performers Elio Germano, Tommaso Di Cola, Giulietta Rebeggiani, Gabriel Montesi, Justin Korovkin, Barbara Ronchi

Duration 98 minutes

Premiere June 18, 2021

The Italian cinema has been recomposing in recent years. Without having recovered the splendor that it showed between the 50s and 70s of the last century, it returns to give authors and particular titles.

‘Dear Neighbors’ is one of these works, which seeks situations with an almost Fellinian origin, such as when a young pregnant woman dips a chocolate cookie with the milk from her breast and gives half to the adolescent protagonist.

And other absurd gestures of the characters, such as the father who hangs balloons in the garden of his house despite the fact that it is a surprise party for his daughter, who has not yet arrived, or the other father who slashes the huge knife with a knife. plastic pool filled with water that swelled a couple of days before.

In this guise are the adults who live in a community of terraced houses, on the outskirts of Rome, and whose existence is anything but Edenic, relaxed or quiet. His daily life is sick and toxic. The D’Innocenzo brothers give considerable bad vibes to the images in their film, although sometimes they get out of hand and conceive situations that are too histrionic or grotesque.

The world they portray, from the children’s perspective, is heartbreaking. Anger, anger, jealousy and bewilderment are rampant, although some of the girls and boys manage to get out safely, in their canicular learning, from the miseries of their parents and dear neighbors.

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