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EOLIA, Fantasy Adventure in Rhythm of the Universe Series, Explores Alternate Path to Meta Quest 2 This Summer

EOLIA, the VR fantasy-adventure follow-up in the award-winning Rhythm of the Universe series, changes the fate of a rhythmic biome on Meta Quest 2 later this summer. 

The decision to push back EOLIA’s initial launch date from June 9, 2022 reflects developer ROTU Entertainment’s commitment to releasing quality products that bring positive awareness to important discussions. The ancient lands of Eolia will benefit from a scenic detour in preparation for the imminent battle against climate collapse.

Protect against violent weather patterns and devastating drought spells tarnishing the beauty of the historic ruins. Grip the saddle of Lhargo, a great beastly companion, and solve musical puzzles to return Eolia to its former glory as adventurer Conga Dholak. Take hold of precarious ledges, saddles, instruments, and more and with intuitive gestures made possible by exclusive hand tracking technology from the Meta Quest 2.

Decipher puzzling challenges rooted in musical theory to halt oncoming threats. Perform ancient melodies on mysterious instruments discovered across the land to revitalize the lost rhythms of the universe. Discover the germane message, fuelled by pressing relevancy, of climate change-confronting efforts in Eolia and in the real world.

Provide a helping hand to a land at risk while contributing to real climate emergency efforts. A portion of the proceeds from EOLIA will be donated to a climate-dedicated charity chosen by ROTU Entertainment’s online community. EOLIA debuts for Meta Quest 2 later this summer with support for English voice and text, with text localization for additional languages coming post-launch. For more information about ROTU Entertainment, please visit the official website, follow the studio on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and join fellow adventurers on Discord.

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