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Everything We Know About The Wheel Of Time

It turns out that the fantasy genre is not only fantastic, but also paradoxical. For example, if JRR Tolkien was enough with three books (or four, or five, depending on how you look at it) to make elves and orcs fashionable, his successors have opted for serials, the longer the better. And the best example of this is The Wheel of Time, the serial kilometer that Amazon Prime Video will adapt .

The series based on Robert Jordan’s novels is on the way, with just a couple of months to go until we get to know the Western Lands and its inhabitants first-hand . A launch that will give much to talk about, and that will be a prelude to the premiere of the prequel to The Lord of the Rings in September 2022.

So that you are not caught off guard, here is a handy guide to prepare for its launch. And, if you think that all this is too complex to penetrate the public, remember that in 2011 many also wondered what was funny about the Lannisters, the Starks and the Targaryens …

When it premieres?
Original cover of ‘The eye of the world’ (1984).Original cover of ‘The eye of the world’ (1984).Cinemania
We still don’t know exactly when The Wheel of Time will arrive on Amazon. Something because the production of the show had to stop due to the coronavirus pandemic. Quite a stick, if we remember that this started shooting in 2019.

Currently, yes, the record of The Wheel of Time on IMDB states that the series will premiere in November 2021. Since there is little left for that date, we trust that Amazon will confirm or deny that data shortly.

How is the original?
Volumes of the saga ‘The wheel of time’.Volumes of the saga ‘The wheel of time’.Cinemania
The literary version of The Wheel of Time is one of the longest series in the fantasy genre. It is also one of the best sellers and, surprisingly (or not) one of the most valued by critics. The publication of The Eye of the World, its first volume, was a small great earthquake in the genre, as well as an editorial phenomenon.

Author Robert Jordan’s effort to bring this mammoth serial to life was immense, but his death in 2007 prevented him from putting an end to his work. Brandon Sanderson, the author of Born of the Mist and The Storm File, was commissioned to finish the final three installments, culminating in 2013.

Ok, but what is it about?
Rosamund Pike in ‘The Wheel of Time’Rosamund Pike in ‘The Wheel of Time’Amazon Prime Video
As you may have already guessed, summarizing The Wheel of Time is far from easy, so we are left with just your starting point. Let’s leave it in that the action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of magic (“channeling”, for the locals), with the sorceress Moiraine Damodred looking for the Reborn Dragon, a mythical figure whose actions could either redeem humanity or condemn it to forever.

During his travels, Moriaine comes across three possible candidates for the title Dragon Reborn: farmer Rand’Al Thor (Josha Stradowski), con man Mat Cauthon (Barney Harris), and blacksmith Perrin Aybara (Marcus Rutheford).

Faced with the impossibility of detecting the real chosen one, the sorceress decides to embark the trio of young people on a journey to the mystical city of Tar Valon. Hunted, of course, by the brutal Trollocs and other ‘friends of the dark’. The journey, as long and epic as one might expect, will be a prologue for much, much larger conflicts.

What is the Professor doing here?
The actor Álvaro Morte poses at the premiere of ‘Painters and Kings of the Prado’, in Madrid.The actor Álvaro Morte poses at the premiere of ‘Painters and Kings of the Prado’, in Madrid.GTRES
Here we have an interesting dilemma: although Amazon has presented Rosamund Pike as the star of The Wheel of Time, the interest of the Spanish public is largely focused on the presence of a certain Álvaro Morte …

Because, indeed, the interpreter of the Professor in La casa de papel will be in the first season. His role will be that of Logain Ablar, a megalomaniac shooting wizard who calls himself the Dragon Reborn. Be very careful with him, because, if the series continues, we will have him with us for a while.

How many chapters will the first season have?
This is known for sure. The first stage of The Wheel of Time will consist of six episodes, and their titles will be:

‘Shadow’s Waiting’
‘A Place of Safety’
‘The Dragon Reborn’ (‘The Dragon Reborn’)
‘Blood Calls Blood’
‘The Flame of Tar Valon’
Will there be a second season?
The world of ‘The wheel of time’.The world of ‘The wheel of time’.Cinemania
Well yes: Amazon announced the renewal of The Wheel of Time for a second stage in May, just after filming the first season in the Czech Republic. In addition, the platform has announced the title of its debut chapter: A Taste of Solitude (“The taste of loneliness”).

How many seasons await us?
The simplest answer to this question is “a few”. Because, with 22 novels (including a prequel) and close to four and a half million words, The Wheel of Time has remained one of the most extensive sagas in fantasy literature. And that’s saying a lot.

Will the show achieve the popularity heights necessary to sustain this marathon run? Hopefully so, but for now, Amazon already has a previous bump to look at …

Is this the first adaptation?

It turns out that the rights to The Wheel of Time have been circulating in Hollywood dispatches since 2000, including an attempt by Universal to turn it into a film series.

So far, the only audiovisual adaptation of The Wheel of Time that has reached the screens is The Winter Dragon, a 22-minute pilot episode produced by Red Eagle, and whose main objective was to maintain the rights to the work. The shame of the maneuver was such that Red Eagle had to pay for the chapter to be issued, and it all ended up in court.

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