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First Clues About ‘Asterix In The Footsteps Of The Griffin’

The most universal Gauls will soon leave their small village again, this time in search of a mysterious mythological animal, but how will they find their way? Today, ‘El gran periplo’, the cartoons created for the promotion of ‘Asterix in the footsteps of the griffin’, his next adventure, is unveiled in Spanish.

The six strips, to which Efe has had exclusive access in Spanish, are not extracted from the album that Salvat will publish on October 21, but have been drawn as tracks to whet the appetite of his thousands of followers for the duo formed by Jean-Yves Ferri (script) and Didier Conrad (drawings).

The two of them are the authors of ‘Asterix in the footsteps of the griffin’, title number 39 of the popular saga invented more than sixty years ago by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Named artistic heirs by Uderzo, the last to die a little over a year ago, they have so far published ‘Asterix and the Picts’ (2013), ‘The Caesar’s Papyrus’ (2015), ‘Asterix in Italy’ (2017) and ‘The daughter of Vercingétorix’ (2019).

The druid Panorámix seems to be of great importance in this new story that begins after a call for help that is enigmatically transmitted to him while he is asleep. He will leave in a wagon with Asterix and Obelix and will be in charge of finding the way to a mysterious place using his magic. We only know for now that in that destination the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Will they travel north?

Winks to the past
The Druid’s orientation will be hampered by situations that will take us back to the past, such as when his dreams, instead of being premonitory, are recreated in Cleopatra’s magnificent nose, a nod to the mythical volume dedicated to the Queen of Egypt, published in 1965. .

Other attempts to find his route, however, advance into the future. Courageous Gallic warriors are perplexed by the message “Error code 2110-3117 Connection failed. Please try again later” given by Panoramix after taking a special potion. It seems to transmit information about some ingenuity that still has 2,000 years left to invent.

Obelix on a diet
Communications continue to get complicated when Obelix substitutes his usual wild boar diet for a carrier pigeon that should have brought news of his trip to friends who eagerly and anxiously await them in the village. A mischief that this character, who fell into a pot of magic potion as a child, compensates when he holds the wagon, horse and passengers included in his arms, to cross a river that they do not know if it is the Liger (Loire in Latin) or the Rhodanus (Rhone).

Finally, in another of these introductory strips, a group led by Chief Abracúrcix will surprise travelers by joining the adventure when they are already reaching their destination.

In the expedition of course the dog Ideafix has been from the first moment, who also stars in the provisional cover of ‘Asterix in the footsteps of the griffin’. Perched on what appears to be a huge carving of the mythical half-eagle, half-lion animal, Asterix and Obelix try to catch up with him.

“Did our ancestors really believe in the real existence of these unusual monsters?” Asked Ferri, the screenwriter, last March, when the new title was presented. “In Roman antiquity,” he added, “explorers were rare and the Earth was largely unknown. However, elephants or rhinos, extraordinary animals, had already been exhibited in Rome. Consequently, why the Romans would have doubted the existence of such improbable creatures? “

Enigmas that Asterix and his friends will try to solve this fall, when the comic is published simultaneously in 17 languages.

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