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Five Alternative Platforms To Netflix And Company To Watch Series And Movies

Fewer and fewer households are escaping from the new audiovisual trend: streaming platforms . According to the latest data provided by the TV-OTT Barometer, 80% of Spanish households have access to this type of payment services, among which the Netflix and Amazon Prime platforms stand out . And yet, despite the increasing rise of the ‘red giant’ and its catalog, sometimes it seems impossible to find that series or movie that the viewer is so eager to see.

And it is that the ‘ a la carte menu’ offered by these services is not infinite, although it may seem so. For this reason, sometimes you must go to alternative platforms to find what the user is looking for. From EL PERIÓDICO we present five options beyond Netflix to expand audiovisual catalog.

Among the giant international offer that other services provide, FlixOlé stands out for its dedication to Spanish audiovisual culture . From the mythical films of ‘Cine de Barrio’, with tribute to artists such as Marisol or Lina Morgan , as well as the comedy by Mariano Ozores, through the surrealism of Luis Buñuel or the contemporary cinema of Álex de la Iglesia .

Everything has a place in this Spanish brand ‘Netflix’ that already has a catalog made up of more than 3,000 film titles and series, mostly of Spanish origin, of course, although it also has some Italian or French productions.

One of the main attractions of FlixOlé is the extensive catalog of classics that it rescues and that date back to 1935, such as ‘Nobleza baturra’, or the recovery of films such as ‘El verdugo’, by Berlanga , or ‘The world continues’, by Fernando Ferán-Gómez, which could not be broadcast freely due to Franco’s censorship at the time.

When it arrived in Spain last October, ‘Pluto TV’ represented a 180º turn for the ‘streaming ‘ panorama in the same way that it did in its premiere in the United States now 7 years ago. And it is that this platform mixes traditional live television with an extensive catalog of on-demand content that is completely based on its advertising, making it a totally free service .

Among its proposal, there are more than 70 thematic channels on cinema of all genres, music, sports or cuisine , as well as channels dedicated exclusively to series such as ‘Sin tits no hay paraiso’ or ‘Ana y los 7’, where the episodes are emit in a loop, perfect for a marathon. Its ‘on demand’ catalog is also varied, offering a large number of movies and series, as well as children’s content or MTV programs , which a few years ago became paid .

‘Crunchyroll’ is the ideal platform for those who enjoyed ‘Attack on Titan’ , which recently premiered on Netflix and was well received, or grew up enjoying the adventures of characters like Naruto, Goku or Sakura , the card hunter.

If all these names sound familiar to you, you may be interested in knowing this application dedicated to fans of Japanese animation and that has a rich catalog of anime of all styles that, in addition, is updated weekly with the latest releases in Japan, for what the followers can follow their favorite animes at the same time as they do in the Japanese country.

Beyond the more audiovisual sense, ‘Crunchyroll’ also has an ‘online’ manga reading portal and even a ‘merchandising’ store, so this platform transfers the ‘otakus’ conventions, such as the mythical’ Salón del Manga ‘which is held annually in Barcelona, ​​to a’ streaming ‘platform.

There is also an option for fans of reality TV . Programs in this area, in which there is a mixture of genres ranging from comedy to drama , all passed under the filter of documentary, have become a large component of television grills, so it was a matter of time. that will also move to ‘streaming’.

Hayu arrived in Spain this February and has a catalog specialized in the reality television genre, in which its star programs stand out: ‘ The Kardashian’ , about the life of the most controversial family on American television, and ‘The Real Housewives’ , a franchise that follows the life of a group of rich women from different cities whose life is full of luxuries, parties and, above all, drama.

A catalog full of variety, with competition programs such as’ Top Chef ‘ , culinary talent’ that has already been adapted on Antena 3, or a wide range of docuseries about murders. Hayu, despite being an independent platform, can be enjoyed from the Amazon Prime application,although you will have to pay 4.99 per month to subscribe.

There are also options for those who prefer to move away from fiction to enter the documentary. DocumaniaTV , which some have described as the ‘Netflix of documentaries’, is the largest portal of this genre in the Spanish language due to its catalog of more than 20,000 unique and free titles.

At the same time, for those who want to open their doors to other international documentaries, there is a similar portal, Documentary +, which offers another large catalog of documentaries with the only drawback that they are not dubbed into Spanish and neither do they offer the possibility of activating subtitles.

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