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Games for a Living (G4AL) allies with the world’s leading guilds and plans to implement blockchain features in the beta version of Elemental Raiders, its first play-and-earn video game

  • The blockchain video gaming company has joined forces with some of the world ‘s most important gaming guilds such as Avocado DAO, YGG, and Unix which altogether sum up to 500,000 members.
  • In the coming weeks, G4AL plans to implement blockchain features in the open beta of Elemental Raiders, which will allow gamers to obtain NFTs and crypto tokens tradeable for real money.
  • The definitive version of Elemental Raiders, the first AAA quality play-and-earn video game in the market, will be released in the month of November with the G4AL Games platform and its utility token, Game Gold Token ($GGT).

New York, 09/12/2022. Games for a Living (G4AL), a video gaming platform with blockchain technology has announced at a corporate event this morning its alliance with some of the most relevant video gaming guilds, specifically Avocado DAO, YGG, Unix, IndiGG, PathDAO, YGG Sea, BAYZ y BlockchainSpace. The partnerships will allow G4AL to reach more than half a million additional gamers directly, all of whom are guild members.

The so-called guilds are semi-professional groups of people fond of GameFi videogames (games that allow the earning of money) that help each other in their performance within the video games, create a community, and carry out an important task of dissemination and adoption of new players. They represent a great added value for the video games to which they dedicate their time and resources. They also tend to invest in the companies behind these video games to boost their growth.

In addition, Games for a Living (G4AL) plans to implement blockchain features in the open beta of Elemental Raiders, its first play-and-earn video game, that will be released in its final version in the coming month of November with the G4AL Games platform. The beta version of the game was opened in the previous month of August without the blockchain features,  which will become available in the coming weeks and will allow players to earn NFTs and crypto tokens tradeable for real money. The game’s beta can be accessed through its website:

Elemental Raiders: the game

Elemental Raiders is a turn-based PVE (player vs. environment) and PVP (player vs. player) action-strategy RPG video game that incorporates NFTs in the form of characters, skins, and skills which can be ‘minted’ and traded.  It will be available on PC and mobile devices when launched and will later also be playable on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

The players will earn various rewards for interacting with the content of Elemental Raiders, which includes objects, skills, skins and the platform’s utility token, Game Gold Token ($GGT).

Game Gold Token ($GGT)

Games for a Living (G4AL) will issue a total of 10 billion units of its utility token, Game Gold Token ($GGT). In the ongoing private sale, up to 15% of the total issued tokens will be sold. Following this private sale, the public pre-sale phase will commence whereby 650,000,000 Game Gold Token units will be sold, representing 6.5% of the total float. This public pre-sale phase will be divided into two parts which will be available in the final trimester (Q4) of the year.

Game Gold Token ($GGT) will be an ERC-20 token that will be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network.This utility token will have several functionalities both within G4AL Games (video game platform) and G4AL Engine (developer tools platform), allowing access to discounts, lower commissions, having priority of obtaining items and tokens or creating NFTs, among others. Game Gold Token ($GGT) holders will also have voting rights regarding the company’s operations: products, functionalities, use of treasury, sponsorship, etc.

The vision of the company

Games for a Living (G4AL) was created with the objective to be the first platform to develop high quality blockchain video games. “ Until now, the vast majority of blockchain developers have concentrated more in relation to tokens than on the graphics engine and gameplay of the video game; that is why at Games for a Living (G4AL) we will offer AAA quality games that enhance the players’ experience so that they enjoy playing while generating value,” explains Manel Sort, co-founder and CEO of G4AL about the company’s positioning.

Sort is one of the most well-renowned professionals in the video gaming sector.

Throughout his career, he has led several studios and developed more than 60 video games for the world’s leading gaming platforms, which have generated revenues exceeding one billion dollars. Sort also founded and led the Barcelona studio of King for 6 years, developer of Candy Crush. He currently leads the Games for a Living (G4AL) project, which raised 1.2 million euros in a pre-seed round led by leading Spanish investment funds.

About Games for a Living (G4AL)

Founded by specialists and professionals in video gaming and technology, G4AL was created with the intention of bringing blockchain video games to the masses. The company is dedicated to the creation and publishing of AAA video games and metaverses based on NFTs and crypto tokens that allow a simpler and easier player access to the blockchain.

Elemental Raiders is the first game of G4AL, a turn-based PvP and PvE RPG that will allow players to earn and trade crypto tokens and NFTs, expected to be released in Q4 2022. G4AL is also developing G4AL Engine, a set of tools including an SDK, e-wallet and NFTs launcher. G4AL Engine will enable video game developers to bring their products to the blockchain and benefit from the advantages of the new economy. For more information, visit the following webpages: and

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