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I Have Learned More At Jazz Concerts Than At Music School

Singer and trumpeter, it could be said that Andrea Motis has spent almost half of her life on stage. At 26, this Catalan has eight albums behind her and the honor of having hung the ‘Sold out’ poster at some of the most important jazz festivals; national or not, because Motis has shown more than once that the harmony of his trumpet -the one he learned to play at just 7 years old- has no borders.

The Barcelona artist grants this interview a few hours after getting back on the stage of the Portalblau Festival , in L’Escala (Alt Empordà), of which she has already become one of the usual faces . “It is a festival of those that we like, in the open air.

This is the third or fourth year that we act,” he admits. He does it to present ‘A Swinging Story’ with Randy Greer, a new work in which Motis returns to his more jazzy roots with the help of the American, whom they have come to compare with the king of jazz, Nat King Cole .

Genre fusion
“I had been thinking about collaborating with him for a long time, but I thought that this project would do so in the not so near future,” acknowledges the young woman, who already knew the work of the artist based in Barcelona by having attended several of his concerts and as a collaborator habitual of Ignasi Terraza , pianist of the habitual quintet with which Motis works.

However, the collaboration with Greer arose in the most spontaneous way, after Motis had to cancel his original project due to the health situation. “[‘A Swinging Stories’] comes as a bit of a surprise, but it ‘s a really cool project full of local people .”

Now I am getting into another completely different world with a repertoire of originals and very unexpected versions.

A project in which Motis once again immerses himself in that purest jazz and swing – bordering on the traditional – that defined his first works and that over the years he has dared to mix and explore. For the singer, music is a process of constant learning and evolution. “

Each album we record is a whole year studying, almost like getting a degree “, defines the singer, who admits that she loves doing “thematic” things that allow her to learn and master other genres. Thus was born his latest work, ‘Do Outro Lado Do Azul’ , in which he fuses jazz with Brazilian rhythms. “I don’t know of other groups that have done this kind of fusion,” he says.

The mentor
Although she began to train in jazz when she was only 10 years old and was already recording her first album four years later, Motis is far from considering herself as “a child prodigy” . Instead, she blames everything that has happened to the privilege of being surrounded by professionals from a very young age.

The name of Joan Chamorro stands out, her mentor and whom she mentions as one of the main promoters for jazz to “hook her”. ” More than in school, I have been trained in jazz concerts . Not everyone is that lucky, so I value it very much”, thanks the young woman.

His family never devoted himself to professional music, however, his family tree includes an accordionist grandfather, a father who played the trumpet and a multitude of “music lovers” who have instilled in him the musical culture that made him interested in music. jazz in a panorama in which ‘beyoncés’ and ‘bad bunnys’ abound.

Portalblau awaits Suu, Manu Guix and Judit Neddermann
Far seem to be those days playing for swing dancers in small bars or shopping centers , which have given rise to the great stages of the Festival dels Jardins de Pedralbes or the International Jazz Festival of Barcelona, ​​where he has recently played. “We were in very humble places and I still had no plans to do big concerts … It was a great surprise,” he says.

New project
After Portalblau, he will temporarily park ‘A Swinging Story’ -which has not yet been released in disc format, it has only been presented live- to resume those projects that due to the pandemic he had to stop. “

It will be my last concert on this album , but I will return to it in a few years. I want to focus on the original project that I had planned to do”, he anticipates, ” I want to introduce more fusion with funky and hip hop . I am getting into another completely different world with a repertoire of originals and very unexpected versions, it could be that Bob Marley appears “, he recognizes in a funny tone.

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