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JB Smoove Drives Fans Crazy By Hinting That Tobey Maguire Is In Spider-Man

The release of the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has not ended the flood of speculation about what we will see in Tom Holland’s third spider movie directed by Jon Watts. It has been confirmed that there will be a multiverse, but now fans want to know up to what level. Because if he appears Doctor Octopus from Alfred Molina … it is not possible that this is Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock? It’s what some fans have wanted to think.

Others focus on a more robust and long-running rumor: the possibility that in Spider-Man: No Way Home we will briefly see earlier cinematic incarnations of Spider-Man making small cameos. However, the presence of Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield in the film, if true, is kept in absolute secrecy; it has even been denied by both Garfield and Holland in the past.

But that doesn’t stop many from continuing to believe that Maguire and Garfield will throw webs again in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It would not be the first time that one of these questions is denied during the promotion of a film and later revealed to be true. Plus, they now have a new burning nail to hold onto beyond the trailer’s confirmation of the multiverse.

An innocent statement from actor JB Smoove, who played Mr. Dell, one of Peter’s teachers in Spider-Man: Far From Home and reprises the role in the new movie. The actor, well known to fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm, has previously expressed his excitement at the return of Jamie Foxx as the supervillain Electro in No Way Home, but he does so again in a new interview for The Illuminerdi blog .

Everything could have been there, but the reporter ends the meeting with a very direct question: “Which Spider-Man do you most want to see on screen with Tom Holland: Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire?” “Tobey Maguire!”, The actor answers without hesitation.

This dude just straight up confirmed Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Tom Holland sharing scenes with Tobey Maguire!
This is gonna be … AMAZING! 🤩

  • Woody and Daffy Duck (Daniel) (@DaffyWoody) August 23, 2021
    Enough for many to take this response as natural as an unofficial confirmation that Tobey Maguire (and, by extension, Andrew Garfield) do indeed appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

You can be sure that on the internet it has been interpreted this way, although the actor has simply answered a specific question, the formulation of which could be considered tricky. The Illuminerdi also does not show the immediately following seconds of video, so we don’t know if any nuances are missing from the conversation.

In any case, it has been enough to further liven up the conversation around Spider-Man: No Way Home coinciding with the release of the first trailer. To be absolutely sure about who is coming out and who is not in the film, we will have to wait until its theatrical release on December 17. For everything else, there is the sniper Kevin Feige has on speed dial right now.

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