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K-Pop Star Kris Wu Former EXO Singer, Arrested For Rape

K-Pop star Kris Wu, former EXO singer, arrested for rape. His arrest came two weeks after the ‘influencer’ Du Meizhu claimed in an interview that he abused her when she was a minor and accused him of having also done it with 30 other women.

The young K-Pop star , former member of the EXO group and advertising image of renowned international brands Kris Wu , was arrested this Saturday night by the local Beijing Police for alleged rape and for deceiving women , some of them minors. The Beijing police said in a statement, through the Chinese social network Weibo, that the singer “repeatedly deceived young women to have sex with them” and that he is “suspected of rape . “

K-Pop star Kris Wu accused of raping a minor
His arrest came two weeks after the ‘influencer’ Du Meizhu , assured in an interview for a Chinese media that the singer had raped her when she was 17 years old .

In addition, he also claimed that he had slept with other girls by seducing them with alcohol and with false promises about a promising future . Weibo users ask that he be tried with “fairness” .

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The young man denied the rape accusation and assured that the case was already in court. Even so, international brands that Kris Wu works with, such as Louis Vuitton, Porsche and Bulgari , have canceled their contracts with the young Chinese-Canadian star.

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