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Luca Diversity And Tolerance According To Pixar

‘Luca’: diversity and tolerance, according to Pixar. It is not up to par with ‘Toy story’, ‘The Incredibles’ or ‘WALL E’, but, being less ambitious than ‘Soul’, the previous Pixar feature film, it offers better results.


Address Enrico Casarosa

Duration 96 minutes

Premiere June 18, 2021 (Disney +)

The Italian Enrico Casarosa , responsible for ‘story boards’ of ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘Up’, makes his directorial debut and pulls for his land in the latest Pixar production, a film with a minor appearance, but greater achievements.

The action takes place in a small Italian fishing village, the soundtrack is full of Italian songs and the two protagonists want at all costs to buy a Vespa, a vehicle that represents a modernity not yet surpassed despite the nostalgic patina with which it is contemplated today .

The graphic and cultural identity signs of ‘Luca’ are very simple and transparent. The game they seek is delicious. It is not up to par with ‘Toy story’, ‘The Incredibles’ or ‘WALL E’, but, being less ambitious than ‘Soul’, the studio’s previous feature film, it offers better results.

‘Luca’, Pixar’s initiatory fable that celebrates the difference
It is a film about diversity and tolerance presented in a very simple way: Luca is an adolescent fish who discovers human capacities that open the door to other goals and, above all, to discover a new world and enjoy absolute freedom, friendship, affection and studies.

All this could be told in a naive or silly way, but Casarosa and his screenwriters impart to this story of knowledge very austere dramatic qualities and, on a technical level, the plastic findings always present even in the worst of Pixar films .

As examples, the opening sequence, the image of an old gramophone sinking into the depths, what happens when Luca comes to the surface or the general plans of this very real and at the same time fabulous coastal town.

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