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Måneskin And Iggy Pop Together In A New Version Of ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’

The Italian group Måneskin, winner of Eurovision 2021, will premiere tomorrow a new version of one of their most popular songs, I wanna be your slave, which will feature the participation of Iggy Pop , American rock legend.

At which point the Maneskin singer yells, “Rock & roll never dies!”
This was the performance of Italy that won Eurovision: “Rock never dies!”
The song is part of the album Teatro d’Ira Vol. 1 and its video clip, released on July 15, accumulated 22 million views in one week on YouTube .

The Romans Victoria, Damiano, Thomas and Ethan continue with their particular revolution and, after touring festivals throughout Europe and winning over the public, they will cover this song that is a tribute to I wanna be your dog by Iggy Pop’s Stoodges.

Three days ago the Italian group published on their Instagram a short recording of a conversation they had with the rocker, who was even encouraged to say goodbye in Italian with a “Ciao”.

“It was a great honor that he liked our music and wanted to work with us. It was moving to see him sing I Wanna Be Your Slave live in front of us, it was very powerful to see such a great artist being so open and friendly,” they celebrated.

And they added: “We all grew up listening to his music and he inspired us to start a band, it is still amazing for us to have had the opportunity to meet him and make music together.”

Iggy Pop for his part assured that the Maneskin had “given him a rush of heat.”

After passing through X Factor in 2017 and now becoming a real revolution in social networks after conquering the Sanremo festival and the Eurovision Song Contest with Zitti e buoni, the Roman band continues to collect the honeys of success.

Their song Beggin remained at the top of the Spotify Flobal Top 50 Chart for four weeks and they have become the first Italian group to sneak into the UK rankings.

In addition, they have hung the sold-out poster for their next tour of Italy, which will have a special appointment on July 9, 2022 at the Circus Maximus in Rome, and they will also be seen at the main concerts and rock festivals on the continent.

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