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Most Disgusting Performances In The Most Amazing Movies

Have you ever seen a superclass movie ruined due to the bad performance of only one actor? Sometimes, even a single badly directed scene spoils the whole movie and increases its rotten tomatoes ratio. 

Today, we have compiled a list of such movies, which were going to outclass the film industry but couldn’t do so. The only reason was some sole bad element, a distracted actor, some casting issue, or simply an accent gone wrong.

Let’s check out the movies and their scenes that ruined their reputation.

Jake Gyllenhaal In Prisoners Movie

The prisoner’s movie is an English thriller the theme of which is based on a lost girl. Jake Gyllenhaal is Detective Loki and he starts investigating the case. Though the plot and story were amazing, the overacting of Jake Gyllenhaal was the only factor to ruin it.

All the other actors performed well and remained in a grieved and raged state, while Jake Gyllenhaal was doing something else. His facial expressions were not similar to those required in the movie. Instead, he seems to be somewhere else.

Mark Hamill In Star Wars

Star Wars is an English Epic Space opera film directed by George Lucas. George Lucas is an experienced and skilled director who wrote exceptional dialogues. However, Mark Hamill did not perform the way he should have. He seemed like a bratty ten-year-old. Especially in Star Wars 1977, his actions were a bit childish.

Hugh Grant In Love Actually

No doubt, Hugh John Mungo Grant is one of the most talented British actors who has many awards under his belt. In the movie, Love Actually, he is acting as a Prime Minister. However, his acting seems like he is forced into this job. Even his dance looks like it was filmed at gunpoint.

Cameron Diaz In Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York is an American Epic Historical Drama directed by Martin Scorsese. Cameron Diaz is an Irish pickpocket who clears people’s pockets in a very professional manner. However, her accent ruined her scenes. She is only there to add another A-list name on the movie poster. 

Ryan O’Neal In Barry London

Barry London was directed by Stanley Kubrick and released on 1st January 1975 in the USA. Overall the movie is a masterpiece except for the blanked-faced acting of Ryan O’Neal. He is a very talented actor overall, but his performance in this movie really under-rated him.

John Travolta In The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line directed by Terrence Malick is a 1998 military movie. John Travolta was acting as a military general and only had a few minutes on screen. However, in these few minutes, he totally spoiled his character due to his dissimilarities with the ethereal rhythms of the movie.

Final Words

These were only some of the actors whose performances spoiled the movie’s ratings. There are many others such as Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained, Russell Crowe in Les Misérables, and Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049.

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