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Sophia Bush and Hilarie, One Tree Hill actresses, say they were ‘threatened into Maxim shoot’

Sophia Bush and Hilarie, both One Tree Hill actresses have claimed that they were able to do their 2006 Maxim shots while on the show.

Bethany Joy Lenz, Bethany’s co-star, stated that she was told by her colleagues she would not appear in the magazine because she was too fat.

On a new episode, the women made allegations against their bosses on their One Tree Hill podcast. Drama Queens this Monday.

Five years ago, all three actresses signed an open letter with cast and crew. accusing One Tree Hill creator Mark SchwahnSexual harassment.

Throwback: Sophia Bush (center) and Hilarie Burton (left)  have claimed they were strong-armed into doing their 2006 Maxim shoot with their co-star Danneel Harris Ackles (right)

The cover starred Bush and Burton alongside their co-star Danneel Harris Ackles, as cross-promotion connected to an episode of One Tree Hill where Burton’s character Brooke snaps Ackles’ character Rachel for a ‘Hometown Hotties’ Maxim cover. 

Their podcast episode reveals that the show’s creators were intent on increasing its male viewership during the Maxim shoot.

Bush stated that “we were told to do it.” [Maxim], and I – because Brooke had been so sexualized on the show, and the whole idea of this like hometown hottie was Rachel’s storyline, I was like: “Look, if the girls wanna do it, that’s great. I don’t.”‘

She told the brass that she had spoken out to tell them: “Like a soldier trying to make Brooke do less of this thing that you guys forced me into.” I don’t wanna do it.”‘

Nowadays: Burton (left), Bush (right) and their old co-star Bethany Joy Lenz (center) made the allegations on their new podcast; they are all pictured together in September

Today: Bush (left), Burton (right), and their old co-star Bethany Joy Lenz, (center), made the claims on their podcast; they are all shown together in September

Bush claimed that he was ‘literally told: “If we don’t go and shoot this cover, we will guarantee to you that you will never be allowed out for a media day, a movie, an events, or any of your charities. We will keep you there forever.”

Lenz was curious about Bush’s lawyer or manager during negotiations, and Burton darkly mentioned the ‘leverage’ their bosses had.

Burton said that he recalls being pulled into the production room. He said, “I sat on a ground while my boss was on the couch. We were given a friendly soft pitch that was: Look, all the other shows have been featured on every single magazine cover and no one wants to see you guys.” “No one wants you.”

According to Burton, she was told: ‘”And you finally have someone that wants you and you’re really gonna turn your nose up at that?”‘

They way they were: Bush, Lenz and Burton are pictured together in a publicity shot for the show during its run, which lasted from 2003 to 2012

They were the way they were: Bush Lenz, Burton and Lenz are pictured together in a publicity photo for the show during its run which ran from 2003 to 2012.

She noted that ‘we were on the bubble every year, and we were assured that Maxim had just been purchased by a new parent company and they had British ownership now – so they’re classing up the joint – and that it was run predominantly by women.’

Burton stated that the girlie magazine offer was a rejection that she had refused for years. It was a very clear: “No one else wants to you.” Your show will be cancelled by the studio. If you don’t start to generate some buzz and attract these male numbers, then we’re dead and all your friends are gonna lose their jobs.”‘

Bush said, “And it’ll all be your fault,” explaining that her employers could punitively keep her on-set even on days when she wasn’t scheduled to shoot. They could also book her in for other work-related obligations, such as wardrobe fittings.

Bush stated that it was a very serious threat.

All together now: Lenz, Bush and Burton are all pictured at FYE in New York City at an event to sign autographs for One Tree Hill fans in 2005

All together now: Lenz Bush and Burton are pictured at FYE New York City, signing autographs for One Tree Hill fans.

She stated that she would go to work, do my job, and then leave. I wanted a homecoming, I wanted time with my family, and I wanted time with my friends. I didn’t want to be on the set. It was not safe for me.

She admitted that she had ‘conflicting thoughts’ about the cover, made worse by how beautiful and stunning’ Burton looked on set.

Burton, who had previously claimed in Variety that Schwahn regarded her as ‘his muse’ and nonconsensually kissed her more than once, said on the new podcast episode that he showed up on the set of the Maxim shoot.

Burton said, “And he made an elaborate show of giving me a gift in front of Sophia’s and Dannel’.” ‘It was an iPod he had loaded up with music he thought was relevant to me. He wanted Sophia to see it to place her in her place, and he wanted Danneel too to see it ’cause he was trying make her jealous.

Allegations: Five years ago all three actresses joined a group of cast and crew who signed an open letter accusing One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn (pictured 2015) of sexual harassment

Allegations: Five years ago all three actresses joined a group of cast and crew who signed an open letter accusing One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn (pictured 2015) of sexual harassment

Bush said that Burton was ‘burning from discomfort’, while Burton described how ’embarrassed she felt at the spectacle unfolding before her co-stars.

Lenz then claimed she was told by Ackles that Ackles had been chosen to replace her at the Maxim shoot due Lenz’s weight.

She said, “They told me they didn’t come because I was too fat” and that she wasn’t like the show’s hot girl anymore.

Lenz’s bombshell left her co-stars stunned. Burton exclaimed, ‘Joy! They told us that they asked you, and you said no! 

Flashback: Burton, who is pictured in 2006, previously alleged in Variety that Schwahn regarded her as 'his muse' and nonconsensually kissed her more than once

Flashback: Burton, who is pictured in 2006, previously alleged in Variety that Schwahn regarded her as ‘his muse’ and nonconsensually kissed her more than once

Bush grew furious and added, “When I said: “I don’t want to do it,” I was like: Joy’s not doing it!” She said no! “Why does she say no?” They respond: “Well, she said yes so you have to say yes.”

Bush claimed that Maxim told her she wanted at least three of their actresses to be on their cover.

“So isn’t that crazy to realize they scapegoated your to tell the three us we couldn’t answer no?” Lenz heard her say this. ‘They threw you under the f***ing bus. I was like, “Why does she get so excited to say no when I don’t?” I don’t understand!”‘

Burton recalled, in a lighter moment: “Guess whose pants were in Maxim?” This guy! ‘Cause I have kept this pair of white jeans for so long, ‘cause I showed up that day and was such a righteous b**** and like such like a brat, like such a baby. And I was like: “I’m wearing pants!” I’m just: “I’m uncomfortable, put me in the pants!”‘

Quintet: Lenz, Burton and Bush are pictured between their One Tree Hill co-stars James Lafferty (left) and Chad Michael Murray (right) in New York in 2004

Quintet: Lenz and Burton are pictured with their One Tree Hill co stars Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty in New York in 2004

She dished: ‘And so I’ve saved those white jeans as like a testament to: “I’m gonna wear pants in Maxim and still be cute!”‘

Bush said, “I mean, they tried our best.” ‘We got like cute vintage one-pieces and high-waisted bikinis and I was like: “Yeah, I’ll wear this like corset top that totally covers my tummy and then these shorts, and it’ll look like a 50s pinup shoot!”‘

She said with a laugh that ‘they did the thing that they loved to do to us then where they tried to make our boobs bigger’ and joked that ‘it’s like someone started making one of my boobs bigger and then went to lunch and forgot they weren’t done.’

Bush remembered: “So literally, I have like one large boob and one small boob and half an butt on one!

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