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Online Gaming in 2022: What’s New?

The iGambling niche is rapidly developing and has long been a worthy competitor to the traditional gambling business. Experts suggest that by 2025, the net profit from online gambling will be $62 billion. Also, according to research, the total value of the online gambling market will double, and by 2025 it will be $112 billion. Virtual casinos are coming to the fore, and the share of classic establishments is getting smaller.

So, what can we expect in the online gambling market soon?

Trends in 2022

Depending on market events and user preferences, separate trends are formed, each of which has an impact on the gaming industry. Consider the most significant of them:

  • Opening of new GEOs and products. Each country’s players have their own tastes, preferences, desires and aspirations, but all of them are united by one important fact – they love gambling and are morally ready to spend money on entertainment. At the same time, it is easier for operators to satisfy the needs of unspoiled users.
  • Esports in 2022 will receive comprehensive development. This will also affect other industry – eSports betting. They even have similarities. For example, both industries bring good rewards to players.
  • Rising cryptocurrencies popularity. Cryptocurrency already today has an established relatios with online casinos – currently, about 50% of bitcoin transactions are gambling. In the systems of some online casinos, they directly state that those who bet in cryptocurrencies have more chances – be it in roulette, poker, blackjack, virtual slots, etc.
  • Integration with VR and AR. VR technologies take online casino users to a new reality, for example, a world-famous casino from the past. At the same time, AR technologies allow you to add some vivid elements to the real world.

These are the main industry trends in 2022 that will become more prominent.

GEOs that are gaining popularity

The gambling market is constantly growing – GEOs that were previously ignored are now gaining popularity. According to experts, the first place in the market in the near future is likely to belong to China. Vertical growth is projected in Latin America and the United States. The US online gambling market will grow by 17.32% by 2026. Europe remains one of the slowest players in terms of growth rates. In a number of countries, there are legal restrictions, for example, in Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. At the same time, the TOP of fast-growing GEOs includes Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, as well as Nigeria and other African countries.

More trendy live games

Livecasinos have become another stage in the development of online casinos. Here, users, sitting at the gaming table, can communicate with a live dealer or other players.

The best live casinos in Canada, UK, India are popular due to the unique combination of online gambling and the special atmosphere of land-based clubs. During the coronavirus epidemic quarantine restrictions period, software developers for live resources offered to play with a “hybrid” dealer. These are entertainments in which the results are determined by a random number generator, and the croupiers only comment on the sessions. The players liked the innovation very much and brought profit to the operators who integrated this original content into the sites.

Another indisputable advantage of this format is the availability of live casino games bonuses. Many players find that online sites provide a better user experience than land-based clubs. Here they get higher bonuses at lower costs.

Artificial intelligence

AI-enabled systems empower operators and allow users to have a unique gambling experience. Modern bots can answer standard user questions, manage business processes, collect information about casino customers, analyze the players’ interests and select entertainment for them, considering individual preferences.

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