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Peter Bowles:  At The Age Of 85, Actor To The Manor Died From Cancer

As per his agent, Peter Bowles, who performed alongside Penelope Keith in the BBC comedy series To the Manor Born, has died aged 85.

He has starred in films including The Bank Job, Eyewitness, and The Steal and television shows like Victoria, Magnolia Street, and Only When I Laugh.

Bowles “sad to say died from cancer,” according to his agency.

“He is surrounded by his 60-year-old wife, Sue, and their three children, Guy, Adam, and Sasha.”

“Starting his career at the Old Vic Theatre in 1956, he starred in 45 public entertainment before dying at the age of 81 in The Exorcist at the Phoenix Theatre,” the report read.

“As the classic English gent in To The Manor Born, Only When I Laugh, The Bounder, and Lytton’s Diary, which he devised himself, he became a national figure on television.”

Bowles was a “brilliant actor who radiated roguish British charm…. dreadful news,” according to columnist and presenter Piers Morgan.

Bowles was famed for his role as Richard DeVere in the 1979–81 television series To The Manor Born, in which he co-starred with Dame Penelope Keith as a self-made businessman, with the couple resuming their characters in the 2007 special.

The show received 20 million viewers frequently and became Bowles’ most well-known work.

Acting scholarship

He quoted as Saying Mail in 2018 that after appearing in the comedy, he became an “instant success” in his 40s, although not being called to the show’s press debut.

The day after it aired, he was “booted at in the sidewalk by admirers driving by and, later, given a standing ovation when he came on stage in the West End,” according to the newspaper.

“It was not positively welcomed by the rest of the cast!” he continued.

“I was educated to be a famous Shakespearean actor,” he informed the Mail. The presence! The voice! The scale of things! “However, I’ve never had a lead.” He was given King Lear in 2013 but rejected because he was too old: “I turned down the job – I was too old!” he stated.

He was born in London in 1936 and grew up in Nottingham, where he earned a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Rada).

He landed a role with the Old Vic Company before going on to a successful television career.

In 2010, he informed the PA news agency about his popularity in sitcoms, saying, “If you have a huge popular TV career, particularly in comedy, people don’t think you can perform live.”

“The BBC assured me I’d never work in drama again because people thought I was simply a sitcom actor.” I was ignorant that there were two universes. It was unknown territory for me. It was unusual and unpleasant to me.”

Bowles’ father worked in construction at Rolls-Royce during WWII, and the parents relocated to one of Nottingham’s lowest working-class neighborhoods when he was six years old. Their home just had an outdoor toilet and no bathroom.

“We were in a Coronation Street-style setting, but everyone was quite welcoming and there were a lot of children. It was incredible, “He previously stated.

He shed his northern accent after appearing in amateur productions in Nottingham and winning the Rada scholarship.

In 2010, he rejoined with Dame Penelope in Sir Peter Hall’s regional tour of Sheridan’s The Rivals.

In 2016, he participated in the BBC Two series Murder, which delves into the minds of everyone involved in a murder case through character testimony provided directly to the camera.

He recently played the Duke of Wellington alongside Jenna Coleman in the iconic ITV series Victoria.

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