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Phoenixx to Publish Neotro’s Nightmarish Twin-Stick Shoot’em Up NeverAwake

NeverAwake, the nightmarish twin-stick shoot’em up set in a world of a little girl’s fears and horrors, developed by Neotro Inc. announces a partnership with Phoenixx to publish the game worldwide. In honor of the collaboration, play a new demo today on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest, featuring previously-unseen levels and a new boss fight.

Rem finds herself imprisoned in what seems to be an eternal sleep, doomed to fight the monsters from her nightmares while she seeks a way to wake up. Fight through a whimsical but gloomy world representing things she fears from her everyday life, such as evil vegetables she despises or the dentist that terrifies her.

While Rem flies through her nightmares, navigate around bullet-hell-like attack patterns, and defeat enemies to claim their souls. Collect 100% souls to complete the level and use them to upgrade her weapons or acquire accessories such as a shield, bombs, or healing. Take too much time collecting souls, and the levels will turn against Rem by increasing the difficulty with each passing loop. 

NeverAwake unleashes Rem’s nightmares in 2022 on Steam for PC and consoles. The new demo released for Steam Next Fest features new auto-aiming for greater accessibility, and new customization options. 
To download and play the NeverAwake demo, visit the official Steam page

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