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Sigourney Weaver Stars In The San Sebastian Festival 2021 Poster

The San Sebastián International Film Festival today presented the poster for what will be its 69th edition, to be held from September 17 to 25. At the event, presented by the artistic director of the contest, José Luis Rebordinos, Sigourney Weaver was revealed as the absolute protagonist of the San Sebastián 2021 poster.

As on other occasions, the festival’s graphic line combines photography and illustration in its posters, highlighting some of the most important figures in world cinematography. Weaver, a legendary actress from films such as Alien, the Eighth Passenger, The Year We Live Dangerously, Ghostbusters, Weapons of a Woman, Death and the Maiden, The Ice Storm or The Forest, takes over from Isabelle Huppert, Penelope Cruz and Willem Dafoe in previous years.

The final result of the poster is a design by Eva Villar from San Sebastian, created from a photograph of Sigourney Weaver taken by Matthew Brookes.

San Sebastian 2021 posterSan Sebastian 2021 postercinemania
“An exceptional actress and much loved by the public who has shone in all registers with characters that are part of the universal cinematographic imaginary,” said Rebordinos. Weaver has visited San Sebastián on several occasions, the first of them coinciding with his film debut with Alien. Subsequently, he also presented My World Map in 1999 and A monster comes to see me in 2006, when he received the Donostia Award in recognition of his entire career.

Does that mean that this year we can expect the American actress to appear again in Donosti? Rebordinos recognizes that they have invited her, in case they could count on her at the opening gala, but that at the moment it is not possible because on those dates she will be immersed in a shoot (all those Avatar sequels take a lot of time). However, in the changing times we live in, anything is possible, so the director leaves the door open to hope a bit.

Historical change in the 69th edition of San Sebastián
The greatest novelty communicated in the act of presentation of the posters affects the awards given by the festival and represents a historical change in the list of winners. As of this year, no gender distinction will be made in the performance awards.

Thus, the traditional Silver Shell for the best actor and the best actress are now dedicated to the best main performance and the best supporting performance. “Gender, a social and political construction, is no longer a criterion for the distinction of a performance,” stated Rebordinos. Both awards may be ex aequo.

He also highlighted that in this way the performance awards are opened to non-binary genre performances, following a line already initiated by the Berlin Festival this year.

Although the return to normality is a decided impulse, some of the decisions made during the last edition will remain in this one. For example, industry activities will maintain a hybrid format that combines face-to-face and online activities.

San Sebastián 2021 recovers the retrospective of Korean cinema from the 50s and 60s that could not be held last year, as well as the red carpets before the screenings. However, there will be no opening or closing parties, and no screenings will be held at the Velodrome.

Next, the rest of the posters for the 69th edition of the San Sebastián Festival, all of them designed by Eva Villar’s studio.

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