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Songs Will Go Directly To People Who Will Know When They Hear

The career of Javy Ramírez (Cádiz, 1998) took off after passing through ‘ Operación Triunfo’ in the 2020 edition . Now, after managing to overcome fear and shyness, he shows his most intimate side with the launch of his first album, ‘What I could never tell you’.

“This album is small debts that I had with people, letters that I had written , songs that I wrote but never give them to them, ” confesses the former contestant.

In reference to the title of the album, the singer admits that in order to express his feelings he needed to sing it , and that his best way of being honest was by composing . But this time he feels that with this album he has dared to be clearer: “The songs have a first and last name and go directly to people who will know when they hear them, ” he says, convinced.

The fact of having grown up surrounded by instruments and musical talent led Javy to love music little by little : “My musical references are my brothers , thanks to them who were musicians and played at home , I became interested for the music, “he remembers. Although he also declares himself an admirer of artists such as Leiva, Alejandro Sanz, Manuel Carrasco and Antonio Orozco.

One before and one after
In February , the artist published ‘Your Name’ , a subject that exceeded 50,000 visits in one day , and was born at the Academy of ‘OT’ in a special way: “I thought a lot about my partner and my family . From my The couple had only two photos and I wanted to make her a song but I couldn’t write to her directly, so I wrote the song to the two photos “, reveals Javy excited about the single that marked a before and after in his career.

Another of the main themes of this first album by the artist is ‘El naufragio’ , a duet that he shares with the former contestant of ‘OT’ 2018 Julia Media . Both singers had already had the opportunity to meet, and since then they wanted to work together.

“When this song was born, we saw that it had many possibilities of being a collaboration , and that a girl’s voice would contribute a lot to the theme. And there I knew that Julia was the one , “he says. Likewise, Javy would like to make other collaborations with artists, such as Leiva, Vanesa Martín or Andrés Suárez, throughout his musical career.

A particularity of the former contestant is the close relationship he maintains with both music and poetry : “They both have a lot in common. In literature classes I find it strange that songs are not analyzed , especially because music enters more easily .”

The artist does not rule out trying in the world of literature in the future , although not yet: “I want to discover and know what to tell and directly write it. I don’t want to do something to do, ” he explains.

Javy prefers to wait for things to come by themselves over time , as well as his talent for composing : ” Inspiration comes to me at times when it shouldn’t come. I’m the typical one who starts playing the piano at three in the morning. tomorrow or when I’m in a bar with a friend “, reveals the artist with a laugh.

And it is that, without a specific routine, in the most unexpected moments of the day, is when the words and the melodies arise: ” I don’t have a specific method , it would be nice to have it. But I prefer that the songs arise more spontaneously , more real. “, admits. Of the 11 songs that make up his first album, Javy could not say which of all is his favorite:” I think it depends on the moment and depends on your mood you have a song on this album. “

The experience that has changed the artist’s life the most and has marked his future has been his time in the television contest : ” In ‘OT’ I gained a lot of confidence, even more so when I left. Perhaps because I had more time to assimilate everything .”

Even so, he admits that the confidence with which he sings now also comes from “the classmates and teachers , who have given me a lot of strength to get on stage , to do it with a little more courage, ” says Javy. With an album that has been recorded from a distance due to a pandemic , Javy is very happy with the result, the work behind it and the reception it is getting.

He says it has not received so far any bad reaction to his new debut : ” It is true that you can like more a song than another , that happens even with the best records ever But. It shows the work and that there is no song filler . They are all there for something and that people are valuing”, he explains satisfied.

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