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Spanish Cinema Greats Will Disembark At The San Sebastian Festival

Spanish cinema will be one of the main protagonists of the next edition of the San Sebastián Festival, which will be held from September 17 to 25. If last year was characterized by the shortage of titles in our cinematography due to the pandemic (many of the productions could not finish on time), this time the scenario is completely different and the presence is overwhelming.

The selected films correspond to established authors, there are few surprises in that sense: Icíar Bollaín, Fernando León de Aranoa, Paco Plaza and the youngest, although already a veteran in the contest, Jonás Trueba . Out of competition, another great name, Daniel Monzón.

Again, the male presence exceeds the female and as a stimulating surprise, the inclusion of a horror genre film in the official section.

Bollaín and ETA
Bollaín, after participating a few years ago with ‘Yuli’ and having achieved enormous popular success with his previous ‘Rosa’s wedding’, will present ‘Maixabel’ , starring Blanca Portillo and Luis Tosar which revolves around the meeting between a ex-member of the terrorist gang ETA and the wife of one of the men he murdered, Juan María Jáuregui .

The script is signed by Bollaín with Isa Campo and the soundtrack is by Alberto Iglesias.

Fernando León de Aranoa meets again with Javier Bardem after ‘Mondays in the sun’ and ‘Loving Pablo’ in ‘The good patron’ , in which the interpreter embodies a businessman who will have to solve all the problems that arise between his employees just the day a commission visits you to assess whether you deserve an award for excellence.

Terrifying spiral
‘La abuela’ involves the meeting between Paco Plaza and Carlos Vermut , who signs the script, and revolves around the relationship between a young woman who works as a model and who has to abandon her life in Paris to take care of her ill grandmother who has just finished of having a stroke.

From there we will enter a terrifying spiral that uses the mechanisms of horror movies to talk about one of the great fears of our society: getting old.

Finally, Jonás Trueba (the only ‘indie’ bet) returns to the competition with ‘Who prevents it’ , which takes its title from a Rafael Berrio song and collects the reflections of many young people during and after confinement by the pandemic.

Outside of the competition, you will also be able to see the new Manuel Martín Cuenca, ‘La hija’ , a ‘thriller’ that revolves around a 15-year-old girl who escapes from a juvenile center and hides with a partner to whom she gives life Patricia López Arnaiz and Javier Gutiérrez, who already starred in the director’s previous film, ‘El autor’.

The novel of Cercas
The closing will be carried out by ‘The laws of the border’, the adaptation that Daniel Monzón has made of Javier Cercas’ novel that introduces us to the quinqui universe in Barcelona in the late 70s through the eyes of some young people who are engaged in crime. And a little surprise, at the opening gala the short film by Carlos Saura ‘Rosa Rosae will be screened .

La Guerra Civil ‘, a tribute to the children of the war based on the homonymous song by José Antonio Labordeta and intervened drawings and paintings by the filmmaker himself.

Finally, Alejandro Amenábar will present the series he has made for Movistar +, ‘La fortuna’ , an adventure that follows in the footsteps of a pirate looter of the seabed. Adaptation of a comic by Paco Roca that includes international figures such as Stanley Tucci in the cast .

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