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Spanish Festival Cruïlla Faces Its Moment Of Truth

Everything ready for Cruïlla, the festival that, over three days, is about to become the most important showcase of live music not only in the country but in Europe in this second summer of pandemic.

Taking note of all the viral incidents of these days, taking a deep breath and, above all, trying to take care of every detail, the Fòrum exhibition, with artists such as Kase.O, Two Door Cinema Club, Manel, Sopa de Cabra or Morcheeba, activates this Thursday an unprecedented protocol to screen 25,000 people a day with antigen tests, using a meticulous health deployment deployed at the gates of the festival, at the Barcelona International Convention Center.

Jordi Herreruela (Cruïlla): “It will be like coming back to life, yes, being able to hug and recover emotions”
In this complex, the 200 ‘boxes’ that will accommodate the assistants are already installed , in which 100 nurses and 200 nursing assistants will operate , as well as six doctors to attend to the future positives.

The displaced public will be, starting this Thursday at 3:00 p.m., at the entrance of the CCBI (in the Willy Brandt square), with a temperature control (if it exceeds 37.5 degrees, they will not be able to access) and, then access to 80 lanes to undergo the test.

A circuit prepared to absorb 4,200 people per hour will start there ,distributed in a staggered manner, with calculated rises and falls in the influx every quarter of an hour to keep the risk of crowding at bay. Taking the test is estimated to take about two and a half minutes.

Therefore, the festival asks attendees to come to take the test at the time they have booked on the web, with a reasonable notice of a few minutes, no more. The procedure must be carried out every day that the festival is to be attended.

System without ‘apps’
The test will be linked to the ‘cashless’ bracelet, with which the Cruïlla has been working for years, thus avoiding the use of applications such as the one that, last week, caused problems on the first day of the Vida Festival.

Once the clinical test is done, each attendee will go to the Forum site, even without knowing the result, which will be communicated within a quarter of an hour via email and on the personal account on the website.

Another way to find out is to proceed to enter the sample, since the employees who validate the bracelet will read the result of the test. If it is positive, you will no longer be able to enter, you will be treated by a medical team and the amount of the ticket will be refunded.

Ravenous hunger for concerts
The call of attention that these days the ‘minister’ Josep Maria Argimon regarding the use of the mask at festivals with antigen tests has as a response an emphasis on this point by Cruïlla, which will have 40 employees (staff of the sample, not from a security company) to ensure that everyone wears it outside the restaurant areas. Barriers will also be established in the front areas of the stages so that food or drink cannot be accessed.

A useful screening
The test device has a cost of one million euros, a third of which is borne by the public (8.5 euros extra cost per day; 15 euros for the payment of the three days), and the festival expects another 20 -25% is covered by the public contribution. An application for a grant to Culture is on the way.

“We hope it will be awarded”, sighed this Wednesday the director of Cruïlla, Jordi Herreruela, who highlighted the importance of screening an age group, the one represented at the festival, “between 25 and 45 years old”, that “at the administration is slipping away ”.

Population, above all, that is situated “between leaving university and being parents, which is difficult to screen, and which is also the group with the most asymptomatic patients and in which at the moment it is being most affected by the pandemic.”

For this reason, Herreruela considered that the Cruïlla could be “an ally in the screening of those ages”, remembering that the antigen test “is almost infallible to detect who can infect you”. The festival is expected to detect between 350 and 400 positives in three days, representing “a spread of 3,500 to 5,000 cases.” For the director, “all this suggests that we can stop the pandemic with music.”

Jordi Herreruela had never seen himself talking about health protocols, and not music, on the eve of the festival, but this is what this unusual edition is like, in which another focus of concern and daily monitoring has been, and continues to be, the inclusion in the international artists program.

Those from the United Kingdom are the ones that have caused the most headaches, given the quarantine imposed in that country (which caused the cancellation of Editors days ago, unable to confine themselves given their commitments in recording an album), and that’s where Two Door Cinema Club and Morcheeba, today very confirmed.

“This Cruïlla is extremely difficult, but it will be historic for many reasons,and important for those who live it and for Barcelona ”, reflected Herreruela. “We will remember it for the rest of our lives.”

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