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Sustainability Is Imposed At The Spanish Biennial Of Architecture And Urbanism

Sustainability is imposed at the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. The 20 winning projects can be seen in an exhibition at the Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona.

On Monday, the 15th edition of the Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial presented the 20 winning projects of the ‘Panorama of Architecture and Urbanism Works’ awards. Images of the twenty designs can be seen in an exhibition at the Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona.

The new edition of the biennial is divided into three parts that will open with the audiovisual exhibition of the 20 winners in Barcelona and that will continue with a second leg that can be seen at the Patio Herriano Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art in Valladolid , where it will be debate the central theme of the meeting: ‘ Spain empty, Spain full: conciliation strategies’ . The third stage of the biennial will be virtual and will include the rest of the finalists.

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A football stadium in Pontevedra , a tourist complex in A Coruña or an official housing building in Cornellà (Baix Llobregat) are some of the 20 awarded works, out of the 581 presented .

“Choosing the winners has been a very difficult task but it has allowed us to see the panorama of what has been done in the last three years,” admitted one of the curators, Eugeni Bach, who also clarified that this year is exceptional , since due to the pandemic, works from the last three years , not the last two , have been admitted .

According to Bach, the twenty selected works show that ” the era of fireworks is over” and that “now what is being carried is a return to small-scale sustainability” . He has also highlighted that the constructions use the resources of the area to create an architecture that can be used over time as different public buildings.

The exhibition, which will remain in the Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion until September 16, is made up of photographs of the winning works and their surroundings, which are also reflected on a dozen audiovisual screens. ” The intention was to show this architecture in its natural habitat . It shows everyday things because it is the reality stripped of complexes”, has clarified Jordi Bernadó , in charge of recording the images.

The second part of the biennial will open this Friday in Valladolid, where a series of debates and seminars have also been organized to deepen this year’s theme.

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