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Team Fortress 2 Has Reached An All Time Record For Simultaneous Players

One of Valve’s most popular titles, the well-known cooperative shooter ‘ Team Fortress 2 ‘, continues to be more active than ever. Despite being released 14 years ago, the game still maintains a reasonable user base, and proof of this can be found in its most recent feat.

According to the information collected by the Valve platform, the video game obtained on the night of June 26 the most recent peak of simultaneous players in its history. It reached 151,253 registered users simultaneously enjoying the shooter title and beating the previous record set in December of last year, when the game hit a peak of 141,741 players on Steam due to an extensive winter update.

The reason that has led the game to break this new record also seems to be the interest aroused in the players after its last update. The title recently received a new set of cosmetic items related to the arrival of summer, which includes 18 items made through community contribution and six unusual effects also created by players.

The Snakewater map, in turn, has received some changes to improve the movement of the players and avoid “cuts”, in addition to reworking some areas considered problematic, such as the kitchen. Also very important, is that the update changes the behavior of the bots in the games.

However, in certain circles the arrival of the patch does not seem sufficient motivation to justify the massive influx of registered users. This has raised some suspicions: there are players who claim that the games are indeed bot-free; while another sector defends that the increase in users is due to the presence of numerous creators of bots who are looking for new ways to circumvent any of the measures added with the latest update.

In any case, you cannot detract from a format that, almost three decades later, continues to fill its servers with thousands of dedicated players every day. Team Fortress 2 is available for free on PC via Steam, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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