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The Magical Realism Of Pedro Páramo Is Resurrected In Romea

‘Pedro Páramo’ finally arrives at Romea. The adaptation of the novel by the Mexican Juan Rulfo (1917-1986) comes on stage a year behind schedule due to covid-19 with an impressive filming, after its premiere at the Naves del Matadero in Madrid in autumn and a wide Spanish tour. This production of Focus, the Grec Festival 2020 and the Spanish Theater of Madrid has a dramaturgy by Pau Miró.

The acclaimed Mario Gas has two acting aces, Vicky Peña and Pablo Derqui to bring to the scene all the haunting magic of the original novel. The montage fills the scene with a surreal poetic environment where both actors are enough to interpret countless living and dead characters that appear in the masterpiece of Latin American literature.

“It is a very special project with a subtlety that forces you to carefully calibrate the decisions because it is in a border area between reality and fantasy because this story is the great antecedent of what would later be called magical realism”, explained Gas que He once again has his team of faithful collaborators to capture on stage a text loaded with living and dead characters.

“It portrays a human and geographical geography that is not easy to stage.”But Miró’s impressive adaptation and the mastery of the protagonists or “officiants”, as the director calls them, make it possible for the narrative to come to life. “From the first day until today the couple of actors have acquired an extraordinary breadth, forcefulness, sharpness and accuracy to approach all the characters”, has indicated Gas happy to return to Romea.

In their first work together at the theater, Peña and Derqui convey the full force of the novel, interpreting more than a dozen characters each in the hour and forty minutes that the performance lasts.

The changing scenery by Sebastià Brossa, the impressive projections by Álvaro Luna, the costumes by Antonio Belart, the sound space and the original music by Orestes Gas are key when traveling to the lost city of Comala, that living hell where the son from Pedro Páramo, Juan Preciado, arrives in search of his father, the chief who gives his title.

A chorus of characters and memories will help you understand who he really was. Rulfo’s work, set during the Cristero War, after the Mexican Revolution, comes to life in a montage where the word prevails but also the pulse that the actorsThey grant a story that speaks of caciquismo, tyranny, family and class struggle.

“Risk always motivates”, declared Derqui that he will combine his functions at the Romea with the filming in Barcelona of his new film, an adaptation of ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’, directed by Oriol Paulo.

Strange and intense
For Peña, the best thing about ‘Pedro Páramo’ is having the opportunity to immerse himself in “such a unique project, the dramatic version of such a rich and powerful work.” The first thing he thought about the novel, which he had never read before, was: “How can you do this in theater?”

The challenge was to capture the poetry and the depth of the text on stage , “reproduce that strange atmosphere,” commented the award-winning actress. She and Derqui interpret not all but many of the characters in the novel that narrates the journey that Juan Preciado, the son of the chief who gives the work its title, undertakes to discover who his father really was. A chorus of characters and memories will help you understand its history set in the Cristera War, after the Mexican Revolution.

The play arrives well shot at Romea, where it will stop for four weeks, from July 1 to August 8. He is scheduled to travel to festivals in Latin America.

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