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The Use of Life, Gamebook JRPG, Surprise Launches into Steam Early Access

The Use of Life, the gamebook JRPG with roguelike elements from developer Daraneko Games and publisher PLAYISM, rides for revenge starting today on Steam Early Access for PC, following a surprise launch during INDIE Live Expo 2022.

In a world where all choices matter, set out as Goshe, using his new found Deathwalker powers to avenge his clan after a dragon killed everyone he knew. Explore levels and make choices influenced by dice rolls, Goshe’s stats, and whether he chooses a path of selflessness, or selfish vengeance. Engage in JRPG-style battles trading sequences of attacks and magic with the enemy, and try not to die too much, or else Goshe must restart his quest from scratch.

Engage in “choose your own adventure”-style gameplay paired with dice-like random number events that determine the outcome of skill checks and if Goshe can avoid conflict or spur on more dangerous battles. Discover the first two chapters of the game in Early Access, leading Goshe down a path of vengeance against those who wronged him or one of finding peace amidst the horrific trauma he endured.

Square off against foes in JRPG-style combat, where each side chooses three actions at the beginning of each turn in battle, not knowing what the other will use. Goshe can utilize a combination of skillful sword strikes, powerful elemental magic, resourceful items, and defensive maneuvers. When the enemy attacks, tap the correct direction in time to reduce incoming damage or block the attack entirely, but one wrong move could lead to a critical hit.

Earn curse EXP to enhance Goshe’s stats and SP to level up different classes, unlocking new abilities and tactical options in battle. Improving stats makes Goshe a more fearsome warrior and can unlock new dialogue options and choices in events that shape the fate of him and his foes. Death isn’t just the end, as Goshe can retry a certain number of times based on difficulty level, but running out of retries means Goshe must begin his journey from scratch.

“I believe there’s a shared tension in roguelikes and gamebooks that video games just haven’t quite unlocked yet, and The Use of Life is my attempt to explore an undiscovered harmony between them,” said the sole developer at Daraneko Games. “Every decision counts, and I hope Early Access serves as a way to help shape my game for the better.”

The Use of Life is available now on Steam Early Access for Windows PC for $17.99 with support for English and Japanese language text.

For more information, please visit the PLAYISM website, follow PLAYISM on Twitter, and follow developer Daraneko Games on Twitter.

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