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There Is No Greater Goal Than Hitting A Bar Every Day

Ada Gonzalez: “There is no greater goal than hitting a bar every day”. The Catalan Ada González, soloist of the Bucharest Opera, will perform at the ‘Ballet under the stars’ gala the ‘pas-de-deux’ of ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The death of the swan’.

What does acting in Peralada represent for you?
I have gotten used to the Romanian public and every time I come here and dance in front of family and friends I feel a lot of responsibility. It is also an opportunity to meet incredible dancers from great companies and other Spaniards who work abroad. The energy level is very high while there is a lot of pressure.

In 2016 you danced at the Lyceum at the IBStage gala with Xander Parish: What has changed since then in your career?
At that time, she had been dancing for three years in a small company in Sibiu as a prima ballerina. This experience helped me not to die of fear and go up on stage at the Lyceum. Then I entered the Bucharest Opera, where the level of demand is higher, but also the fight for the shows. As a soloist you have to share all the roles and you step on the stage except.

What balance do you make of the five years in Bucharest?
I have already accumulated six main roles and have had many opportunities to go on stage. We are not competitive with each other, but it is clear that some dance more than others. In any case, I have gotten used to this rhythm.

Regarding the pandemic, how has Romania been lived?
From March to September the Opera closed its doors and we had no access to the studio. I had to do ballet in the kitchen! I was able to come to Barcelona and go to my school, the Centro de Danza de Catalunya. Little by little I got in shape and when I returned to Bucharest in September it turned out that we still couldn’t perform. We managed to dance in April, and from May we did one title per week.

What are your artistic goals?
I’m already living my dream! I dreamed of getting to dance at the highest possible level and it has come true. For me there is no greater goal than to hit a bar every day. I have done the main roles of the repertoire, but it is true that the idea that someone is inspired by you to do a choreography is very suggestive, but what has to come will come.

What would you recommend to young people who are studying dance?
Build a good foundation before going abroad. It is a very competitive world and you have to be strong and accept rejection. If it really is your passion that you do not sink easily or stagnate in a name. If you want to dance, you have to try your luck everywhere and not stop working hard.

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