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Dress Code Of Oscar 2021 Will Not Admit Pajamas Or Zoom

With a month to go before the 2021 Oscars on April 25, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released new details of the upcoming ceremony , including a request for all nominees to attend in person .

In a letter addressed to all applicants, the producers of the gala have revealed that the nominees will not have the option to participate in the live program. “For those of you unable to attend due to scheduling or continued travel concerns, we want you to know that there will not be a Zoom option to go live,” Steven Soderbergh , Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins write in the note .

The letter continued: “We will do everything possible to provide a safe evening for you all to enjoy in person, as well as all the millions of fans around the world, and we believe that virtual overshadows all those efforts.”

The gala will be face-to-face with live broadcasts, including the usual stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. “Those who cannot attend, the Academy will accept the Oscar on their behalf,” insists the statement, which emphasizes that the organization will have a covid security team in the theater with the capacity to carry out PCR tests on attendees.

The Academy has also unveiled the theme of the night , whose title will be ‘Stories matter’, and has asked participants to share videos with their own personal stories, to be used at the gala on April 25.

How to dress at the gala
A no less important detail advanced by the Academy has been the ‘dress code’ for the occasion, that is, the dress instructions .

Given that the ceremony has been delayed two months, its initial date was February 28, it is hoped that this extra time will serve to shelve the too relaxed styles that have been possible in the last red carpets of the Golden Globes, Grammy or the Critics Choice Awards, where glamor has declined in favor of elegant pajamas, yes, ‘sneakers’, jeans and other informal pieces such as hooded sweatshirts .

For the memory will be the image of Jodie Foster collecting her award for best supporting actress for the drama series ‘The Mauritanian’, sitting on the sofa with his wife, Alexandra Hedison , and their dog, both dressed in very elegant pajamas , specifically, that of the first era of Prada.

Or Kaley Cuoco (‘The Big Bang Theory’) , with Oscar de la Renta’s ball gown still on, but without heels, eating pizza, macaroni and cheese, cake, cakes and a bottle of champagne in hand.

Or Cynthia Nixon (‘Sex and the City’), ending the night in the bathroom, checking her cell phone and enjoying the last drink.

Or the very lady of the interpretation Glenn Close , from her office, in an elegant red satin suit jacket topped with sporty, but luxurious, from the Golden Goose brand.

For five-minute streaming connections from the living room it could seem novel, fun, and even understandable ( why preen up and down for such a short-time intervention? ). But this year’s Oscars will not allow Zoom, and they have already warned that attendees should return to the glamor of a lifetime and avoid “informal” clothing .

In the words of the organization, a “fusion of inspirational and aspirational” is expected . Translated, it means that those who plan to attend have to bet on formality in an appointment of such packaging as this one, with a planetary audience. That is to say, that elegance and style return in abundance in the dresses and suits of the red carpet.

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