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  • Promotional items with up to 50% discounts throughout November and December for appetisers, toppings, and signature mixian bowls in crowd favourite soup bases
  • 1-for-1 mixian with 2 toppings on 11 November and 50% off 2nd bowl of mixian with 2 toppings on 12 December
  • Complimentary tote bag in November & 2022 Calendar in December with minimum spending

To mark its first anniversary in Singapore, TamJai SamGor has special promotions and discounts throughout November and December. From a neighbourhood corner store in Sham Shui Po to one of Hong Kong’s most recognised chain restaurants[1] SamGor’s style of mixian has become an integral part of Hong Kong’s food culture. In 2011, TamJai SamGor was recognised as a Bib Gourmand Restaurant in the Michelin Guide and retained its title for three consecutive years. Known as the original spicy soup experts and having set the standard for spicy food in Hong Kong, TamJai SamGor opened its first store in Singapore a year ago. With 3 branches currently in the country and plans to open more in the near future, Hong Kong’s most popular noodle chain has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals with its signature mixian noodles and unique flavours.

Promotions, Deals and Discounts Galore From 8 November – 19 November, TamJai SamGor’s mixian in Wu La Soup (Charred Pepper & Spices Soup) with 1 topping of choice is going at a promotional price of $5.90 – $6.90 (UP $7.50 – $8.00) for dine-in or takeaway, and priced between $7.90 – $8.90 for delivery. The Wu La Soup, a SamGor original recipe was created by founder Sam Gor. He infused the taste of his favourite dish, claypot rice, by frying chilli and spices to the brink of being burnt. These charred spices are then added to the broth for a smoky, sweet, savoury and spicy flavour to the soup. Perfect for Singaporeans who love wok hei.  From 1 December – 15 December, TamJai SamGor’s mixian in San Suan Soup (Spicy and Sour Soup) with 1 topping of choice is going at a promotional price of $5.90 – $6.90 (UP $7.90 – $8.40) for dine-in or takeaway, and priced between $7.90 – $8.90 for delivery.

From 20 November – 30 November, Century Egg (Chongqing Hot Sauce / Ma La Sauce / Pepper-tipped)  and TuFei Chicken Mid-Wings appetisers are priced at only $2.40 – $2.75 – a 50% discount off their usual price – with any mixian order. From 16 December – 31 December, Roasted Eggplant with Garlic and Sliced Pork Belly with Mashed Garlic will be the promotional items on 50% discount (UP: $4.80 – $5.50) – with any mixian order.

TuFei Chicken Mid-Wings
Century Egg (Chongqing Hot Sauce / Ma La Sauce/ Pepper-tipped
Sliced Pork Belly with Mashed Garlic
Roasted Eggplant with Garlic

On 11 November, share the love for TamJai SamGor’s customisable mixian bowls and soul-warming broths with a friend or loved one. Visit any outlet to get 1-for-1 any mixian order with 2 toppings[1], valid only for dine-in or takeaway. On 12 December, the 2nd bowl of mixian with 2 toppings ordered will be at 50% off the menu price.

Between 1 November – 30 November, Minced Pork topping is priced at only $1 with any mixian order, and from 1 December – 31 December, Fishball, Cuttlefish ball and Fishcake (3pcs) toppings are on promotion at $1 per serving.

Promotion is not valid for Guo Qiao. Order Mixian with minimum 2 Toppings and get the 2nd Mixian (equal or lower priced) with 2 Toppings (A/B) FREE.

A picture containing text, bag, accessory  Description automatically generatedComplimentary Tote Bag & 2022 Calendar for Diners

To top it all off, a Limited Edition TamJai SamGor tote bag will be given free[1] with a minimum spend of $30 (in a single receipt) in the month of November. These bags embody the spirit of SamGor, and are specially made to mark TamJai SamGor Singapore’s first Anniversary. Made from cotton canvas, these versatile bags are a perfect accessory for work or play. Throughout the month of December, diners will get a free 2022 Calendar with coupons of savings up to 28% with a minimum spend of $36 in a single receipt.

Opening during the pandemic was a challenge that did not deter the Michelin-approved, award-winning household noodle brand from Hong Kong. It fired up local taste buds with signature mixian (rice noodles) in one-of-a-kind fragrant, numbing, hot and spicy flavours and is set to continue to do so with regular menu expansions to suit the Singapore palette.

Unlike the typical noodles widely used in the market, what truly sets apart SamGor’s ‘mixian’ is its chewiness and cooking method that ensures it remains al dente (or ‘firm to the bite’). Its smooth surface makes it a perfect complement to SamGor’s unique soup bases. Made simply from the humble rice and water, ‘mixian’ is gluten free, and its non-acidic properties make it gentle to the digestive system and suitable for discerning palates of all ages.

With a wide range of spicy levels available, each bowl of mixian is customisable according to personal tolerance. There are 10 levels of spiciness, starting with Non-Spicy for the spice-averse, followed by a spectrum of Mild, to Hot, Extremely Fiery and Hell Fire.  Chilli-obsessed Singaporeans are spoilt for choice as their customisable bowl of noodles, along with the desired spicy levels, are available in over 700,000 available combinations. Smooth yet chewy mixian, in spicy yet flavourful Ma La,  Wu La, San Suan, Tangy Tomato, Suan La, Fragrant Clear and Vegetarian soup options; enhanced with a variety of toppings – makes for an unforgettable taste that lingers in the mouth. TamJai SamGor celebrates one year of serving Hong Kong’s favourite noodles with its unique spicy spectrum in Singapore.

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