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A First-Time Mother Starts A Talk About Limits And Some Rules After A Newborn

A mother-to-be shared 12 rules for when and after her baby is born to set boundaries. Taylor Davis, who goes by @taylorhkdavis on TikTok, often posts videos about how she’s preparing for life as a first-time mom as her daughter is due on 14 March.

During a video posted last month, Davis shared her list of rules for when she is in labor and when her baby is born. Although this list is “a little extra,” she still thinks it’s essential to let people know her “expectations” and what she and her husband “are comfortable with.”

In the first instance, if Davis tells someone she’s in labor, they cannot “announce the baby’s arrival” until Davis has announced it herself on social media. Davis wrote in her list, “Please do not inform other people unless they ask, as we do not want to receive too much text.”

When Davis and her husband are in labor, they will send updates according to their schedule to focus on the birth.

It explains how no one can post pictures of their baby until they do or without their permission. The following two guidelines stated that Davis would not have visitors in the hospital. Visits won’t be allowed until they’re ready.

I do not wish to hear your disagreements about our daughter’s or my medical decisions,” Davis explained. Friends and family have already asked why you would do that, and we just don’t want that from them.”

Davis’ two guidelines state that kissing their baby is not allowed, and a mask may be required depending on COVID. Non-vaccinated people cannot also be around Davis’ baby.

Davis explained in her ninth rule that people couldn’t ask to hold their babies, and her parents “will allow when they feel comfortable,” as she is a “new mom” and is unsure how she will react to the situation. As soon as the baby starts crying, it must be “immediately handed back” to its parent.

If the nursery door is closed and Davis and her child are inside, Davis says, “do not enter or knock.” The new mom’s final guideline noted that if anyone feels ill “in any way” on the day they plan to visit, they should reschedule. “We promise to make sure you see her, but her health is our top priority,” the list completed.

There have been 673,200 views of the video as of 3 March, with mixed comments. Many viewers praised Davis for setting up her rules.

One wrote, “So proud of you.” “As a mom of three, I support this completely. Set your boundaries now! Get it!”

In contrast, some TikTok users claimed Davis’ list was too strict. One user commented, “This is the baby version of a bridezilla.” “Be grateful you have loved ones who care about you!”

I’m sorry, but these rules are getting on my nerves. It seems to come from an inflated ego, another said. Despite all the negative comments, many viewers noted that none of Davis’ requests were unrealistic. A comment reads, “This is nothing unreasonable, 36 weeks with my second.” People who think this is unreasonable have entitlement issues.

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