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Jools Holland Says He Was Not Aware Of Any Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer In 2014 When Diagnosed

As Jools Holland announces a star-studded event in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, he reveals that he was identified with prostate cancer during a routine blood test in 2014. The 64 years old musician and TV star, who has been successfully treated for the disease, said he had no signs before being diagnosed.

Jools said that I had no awareness of prostate cancer and no symptoms until I was diagnosed during a routine blood test in 2014. He added that I was successfully treated, but I think more lives would be saved if more people knew their risk and caught the illness early. If I can bring people’s awareness to prostate cancer facts, then I’ll be standing on my piano and shouting about it because I believe it’s essential.

Holland is partnering with the charity on a musical event, Raise the Roof, which will feature Paloma Faith, Spice Girl Melanie C, and Celeste on 22 June at Royal Albert Hall. Funds gathered by the event will be used to discover a test approach for prostate cancer that could be used as part of a UK-wide screening program. According to Holland, it’s crucial for men to know the facts about prostate cancer and understand their risk.

The prostate gland has the size of a walnut that sits below the bladder and surrounds the urethra in men. More than 47,500 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. According to Prostate Cancer UK, the disease, which is the most common male cancer, is often curable if it is caught early.

According to Emma Craske, a senior specialist nurse at the charity, prostate cancer mainly affects men over 50, but certain groups may have a higher risk. According to her, about one in eight men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime, but that figure increases to one in four for black men, making their ethnicity an increased risk factor. In addition, the risk increases with age and family history, especially for men who have a brother or father who had the same disease.

According to Prostate Cancer UK, approximately 14,000 men in England may have undiagnosed prostate cancer and need urgent treatment. People are advised not to wait for symptoms since symptoms aren’t always present in their early stages. Instead, it urges the public to use its risk checker tool to assess their risk factors and speak to their physician if they are concerned.

According to Holland, if I hadn’t had that routine test, where the cancer was detected, I probably would have just continued until it was too late. He added that It wasn’t like I suddenly felt ill, but suddenly you have this thing hanging over your head, and you wonder, ‘Wait, don’t people die from this?

The British organization Prostate Cancer UK has listed some symptoms that indicate prostate cancer, which should be evaluated by a medical professional. Among them are the changes in the way you urinate and blood in the urine, how often you urinate, erectile dysfunction, and lower back pain.

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