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Lizzo Says She Still Suffers From Anxiety And Depression Even After Becoming Famous

Lizzo reveals how fame has affected her mental health in a new interview. According to the 33-year-old musician, her success did not change her in any way. She said that when people become famous, their DNA doesn’t change. For me, nothing changed. There was no relief from my anxiety. There was no improvement in my depression. What I loved did not go away. I am the same person I always have been. However, the way you all view me and perceive me has changed. It’s an extraordinary and formless perception.
Lizzo rose to fame almost overnight, and the loss of her previous self is something that she has discussed with her therapist. It is sad, she said, and I must talk to my therapist about the loss of my identity. Most famous people have been known as long as they have been alive, so they are more used to it.
She thought about how she used to go unnoticed in public but now needs security. Lizzo said she went to dive bars and got s***faced in 2018. Nobody knew who she was, and nobody bothered her. In 2019, I noticed I couldn’t go to restaurants with my dancers.
Upon realizing this, Lizzo felt as if she had lost her identity. She said, I was like, ‘Damn.’ It’s like I’m a burden to my friends, and things have changed. I got a bit upset because I lost my sense of privacy and myself, the old me. She added that I was fine now. Yes, I am. I’m still young. I’ve got talent. I deserve to be noticed.
Lizzo has been honest about her mental health and body positivity throughout her career, especially on social media. Lizzo – whose actual name is Melissa Vivane Jefferson – shared an emotional TikTok video in May 2021 in which she said she felt like “a burden on everyone.” Moreover, the star has received several abusive online comments, classified as racist and fatphobic. Lizzo spoke about how she feels following her single “Rumors,” featuring Cardi B in 2021.
During a talk with Good Morning America, she said, “Don’t let them see you with your head down.” I always keep my head up. I keep my head up even when I’m upset or crying. However, I know it’s my job as an artist to reflect at times, and this shouldn’t fly. That’s not okay.”
The upcoming Amazon Prime show, Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, will reveal Lizzo’s relationship with social media. Lizzo also produces the reality television series in which she searches for backup dancers to give plus-sized performers the recognition they deserve. Lizzo breaks down on Instagram Live in the third episode after receiving hateful comments on social media. Those messages pushed Lizzo to her limit, and to address them live was a release for her.
She said she used to hold in her emotions so much that they were like a ticking time bomb. Some women were like me and would understand what I was going through in this room. I played the song and shared the moment with them. I was in tears. It was one of those things in my life that were a blessing.

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