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Dirty Talk: the most popular sex idioms across Europe

  • Sex idioms have played a key role in how we discuss sex in day-to-day life for centuries.
  • Experts at Sinful have listed some of the most popular phrases in Europe that are used to describe sex, from ‘jumping bones’ in the UK to ‘cuckoo’ in Sweden.

Whilst sex has arguably become less of a taboo in our society, idioms still play an active role in how we discuss it day-to-day, with each country in Europe having its own phrases for sexual acts.

Sex toy company Sinful has compiled the most popular sex euphemisms in Europe to uncover how nuances in language can encapsulate different cultural views on sex.

From ‘the water entered the stream’ in Greece to ‘an up in the air legs match’ in France, here are some of the most popular terms used across the continent. 

It’s clear from the above that some countries like Spain are potentially more forward and graphic when it comes to their euphemisms for sex, using phrases such as ‘to wet the doughnut’.

However, other countries, such as Italy, are seemingly more discreet with phrases such as ‘to sweep’, which could highlight the comparison of how different countries view sex.

Our wide variation of sex idioms over Europe is a great way to highlight the cultural differences which make up the world we live in. It just shows how we can live harmoniously despite these differences.

For more information on the sex idioms of Europe, visit Sinful’s blog here: 

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