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Do We Burn Fat While We Sleep

We always associate losing weight or reducing volume with eating a proper diet and doing sports . However, it has now been shown that sleeping can also burn fat.

According to a recent study carried out by the University of Granada in collaboration with the Hospital La Paz and Carlos III of Madrid and the Scientific Center of Health of the University of Texas (United States), chronic consumption of melatonin helps us to a correct rest. The increase in skin permeability is higher at night than in the morning, which makes the skin more receptive to reducing treatments.

How can we promote a restful sleep? There are foods that contain melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and enhances the benefits of our rest. Some of the most common are: walnuts, bananas, tomatoes, cherries, rice, oats, and sweet corn.

When we sleep, the body temperature drops and this causes the body to burn more fat, since sleep conditions the temperature of the skin and influences the circulation of the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue.

We can increase this effect by sleeping with light pajamas or uncovered, since any garment that keeps us warm will raise our temperature and we will burn less fat. In addition, the effect of the horizontal position at bedtime helps to eliminate excess fluids, favors the drainage of waste accumulations and oxygenation of the tissues.

Our body is capable of burning a small percentage of fat while we sleep, but if we are looking for visible results and in record time, there are products such as the Ultra Intensive 7 Night Reducer Fresh Gel. It is a treatment that has the maximum reducing effectiveness of Somatoline Cosmetic, it reduces localized fat while you sleep, with proven results in just 7 nights.

It has a fresh and silky texture with a pleasant perfume, and its enhanced formula concentrated in reducing active ingredients, takes advantage of the special receptivity of the skin at night to exert its triple action:

Lipolytic : favors the reduction of localized fat accumulations, thanks to Sphacelaria Scoparia , a seaweed extract.

Draining : thanks to the natural Sericoside (Gingko Biloba) , a deciduous tree from South Africa, which improves circulation, prevents swelling and drains excess skin fluids.

Anti-accumulation : prevents the formation of new accumulations of localized fat.

Its innovative gel texture modifies its consistency during the massage, melting into the skin and offering a very pleasant sensation, without causing redness. In addition, it contains sea ​​salts that perform a gentle exfoliation, softening the skin.

It is advisable to apply this product every night for 7 days with circular movements until completely absorbed. It should be borne in mind that localized fat reduction consists of a cosmetic modeling action that does not imply weight loss.

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