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Foods That Age The Skin The Most

There are a number of foods and beverages that are part of the usual daily diet that help increase weight, as occurs with excessive amounts of carbohydrates.

Now, what if there were even more reasons to avoid them? Experts explain that many of these common foods can also accelerate the rate at which you age. The key is to avoid foods that involve a glycemic peak when digesting them: “For example, foods rich in sugars. Sugar is mainly responsible for glycation, the process by which sugar molecules adhere to collagen fibers and causes them to lose elasticity.

It is as if the collagen caramelized or crystallized, breaking apart. Furthermore, sugar also attacks the components of the plastic cell membrane, favoring the aging of cells ” , explains Dr. Perricone , considered one of the of the leading dermatologists worldwide.

What to avoid on the shopping list: Pasta and rice: Its high glycemic index is largely responsible for glycation. The same goes for others like white bread and corn flakes.

Juices: In a natural fruit, although it may contain a lot of sugar, it is well metabolized due to its high fiber content. On the other hand, in a juice the juice is ingested, but not the fiber. This reduces proper metabolism and produces glycation peaks.

Coffee: Although an essential part of the daily breakfast, it has been shown that its intake increases the levels of cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’, which produces an increase in insulin, greater cellular inflammation and an alteration of the skin barrier that, as Consequently, it can cause hypersensitivity or blemish processes.

Soft drinks ‘light’ and sweetened drinks: They have a high content of chemicals and sweeteners that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, favoring the absorption of fats and making it difficult for the correct digestion and processing of nutrients.

Alcohol: Alcohol metabolites, molecules known as aldehydes, damage the plasma membrane, producing an inflammatory reaction in cells. The only alcohol that falls off the list is wine, and rarely. This is due to the fact that it contains polyphenols, great antioxidants that protect the body.

Chocolate, a powerful antioxidant
However, dark chocolate is a good ally to slow down the passing of the years . Of course, in small doses, without milk and without added sugars. When we take chocolate as pure as possible, it acts as a powerful antioxidant , preventing the attack of free radicals and, thanks to its high magnesium content, it regulates sugar levels, helps to fix calcium, controls the intestinal flora and protects the system. cardiovascular.

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