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Megamare Profumo

Megamare is a perfume which is made by Orto Parisi brand. It is a Fragrancetic Aquatic scent for ladies and gents. This is a new fragrance. Megamare was launched in 2019 by Orto Parisi. The nose behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri. Alessandro Gualtieri’s new olfactory creation is Megamare.

With this fragrance, the expert perfumer takes advantage of the extravagance and innovation of the marine notes. Marine agreements know how to stimulate feelings with a mitigating impact. Also, the watery characters are equipped for reviewing charming affiliations, delivering sentiment, and fulfilling us. Alessandro Gualtieri doesn’t find the mystery of the olfactory bundle of his scent.

Packaging invites you to explore beyond.

All the fragrances of the Orto Parisi Collection are encased in a container that opens into a city, uncovering an endless hole in the center. Megamare profumo floats in a glass cup, fixed with a silver-finish metal cap with indications of consumption brought about via seawater and enhanced with a mother-of-pearl trim. The name is created from fine “Savile line tweed” paper with a rich herringbone design.

Megamare radiates the yin and yang of the ocean.

A picture of the excellence that lies on the outer layer of the sea, and the risks of the pungent profundities underneath. Megamare is a whirling tropical storm of a fragrance, a powerful wash of harsh water, gnawing green growth, hot sweet ocean air, and a shimmering musk that transmits with the force of the late morning sun glistening off the moving influxes of the untamed sea. With a massive life span and strong projection. Quiet and frightening, peaceful and erotic, Megamare transmits the yin and yang of the ocean.

You can picture the scene this scent makes: a coastline of shingle, of flavored saline solution, and ocean growth tangled against old rotting wood and rocks shrouded in greenery and green growth. Against this quiet picture are the eminent fear of the cloudy vulnerability of the ocean, rugged running waves into sticks of rocky rough edges, and an approaching ocean of thick haze. At the point when this occasion closes, one is left with tranquility. As it dries down, the fragrance turns glasslike yet present with pungent golden, similar to a diffusive beam of light arriving on the delicate back and forth movement of the sea.

Megamare is an aquatic scent.

Orti Parisi’s Megamare is committed to the boundless boundlessness and profundity of the peaceful ocean, cracked with an unstable disturbance: crashing waves and a vulnerability of what lies underneath. Megamare is expectedly an oceanic fragrance, with power and earnestness uncommon for the class. It coaxes you to smell intent, as resonations of pungent ocean air and tart saltwater dry on animals, substantial tones, and a rich solid ambery center with woody, cedar-esque aspects, giving this marine-motivated fragrance force and effect.

To Summarize.

The ocean is entire and limitless, it needn’t bother with a clarification. This fragrance is a timeless inclination, an impression of unending relaxing. Ambiguous and strong, modern and delicate. Megamare is a locative meaning of an ocean. The Cap is a tumbled silver metal cap with greenish consumption brought about by the pungent waters, with a decorated shell from Haiti.

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