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Stranger Sent Her A Dm About His Hair And A Mother Learned Her Son Had Rare Genetic Condition

The mother of a one-year-old boy with uncombable hair syndrome raises awareness for the condition. In July 2021, Katelyn Samples was first made aware of uncombable hair syndrome after receiving a message from a follower who had seen a photo of Locklan, her youngest son.

My first reaction was: Oh my god, like, what the heck is going on here? “My main concern was that something was not right with him; perhaps he was in pain with his hair.” Locklan, 17 months old, had dark hair when he was born. Samples recall that it resembled peach fuzz as his new hair grew in.

After researching about uncombable hair syndrome, the 33-year-old mom called Locklan’s pediatrician, who was also unaware of the condition. After being directed to a pediatric dermatologist specialist at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, doctors confirmed Locklan’s diagnosis.

The uncombable hair syndrome, also known as spun glass hair, is characterized by very soft, silvery-blond hair with a delicate texture that grows in all directions.

According to NIH (National Institutes of Health), cases of the condition can occur at any time from 3 months-12 years of age and are caused by differences in hair shaft formation.

Among the 100 confirmed cases of uncombable hair syndrome worldwide, Locklan, known to his parents as Lock, is one of 100 cases.

Locklan’s mother said that taking care of the baby’s hair does not require much effort. Samples wash Locklan’s hair one or two times a week with natural products. The day starts with him ready to go, Samples said. I try not to mess with it if I don’t have to.

Samples began sharing Locklan’s journey on social media after he was diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome. She raised awareness and connection with others living with the same condition.

Initially, Samples turned to Instagram not only for sharing her son’s smiling photos but also to serve as a resource for those with uncombable hair.

It seemed like a good idea to share his pictures, tell his story, and be a resource for other parents who may be facing similar issues that my husband and I were facing. It’s because there isn’t much information relating to the topic.

Locklan’s photo became famous among the public because of this rare condition. Locklan’s Instagram page @uncombable_locks has surged from 3,000 followers to almost 17,000 in a matter of weeks.

Samples, however, said the most meaningful part of sharing Locklan’s journey is being able to spread some natural hair joy to others. Samples said the messages I received, like “Seeing him made my day,” is incredible.

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