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Javier Ruibal Social Networks Are Our Vaccine Against Loneliness

Sant Cugat will limit songs that incite alcohol and sexual assaults. The new protocol will ask groups to avoid certain messages to reduce violence in popular concerts.

Sant Cugat will ask the music groups hired for popular concerts to avoid messages and songs that promote the consumption of alcohol and drugs or that may incite sexist attacks . It is a commitment that the organizers must sign when informing the contracted gangs, according to the new protocol to reduce sexual violence in leisure spaces presented this Monday.

The document reinforces preventive measures. In this context, also marks requirements for private security firms contracted to events, which must count with trained personnel specifically on preventing sexual violence. A training that must also have part of the organizers of each event.

The objective of the protocol is to reduce sexual violence in festive leisure spaces and promote spaces free of sexism, as stressed this Wednesday by the Deputy Mayor for Social Rights and Equality, Núria Gibert.

Party safely and freely
The objective is to identify the main sexual violence in festive settings to reduce them, define community actions to detect and repair them and to promote cross-cutting work between the different agents of popular acts.

“We want a city in which all spaces are safe spaces, in which we can all enjoy the party together, with freedom, security and good treatment. A city in which women and people who break with the stereotypes of gender can participate in celebrations and festivities without suffering any kind of discrimination, “said Gibert.

The hiring requirements for musicians and security teams are some of the ten actions that are included in the new protocol. From now on, the festivities that are organized in the city must have a Lilac Pointwhere to pay attention to possible victims and where to disseminate preventive information.

At the same time, it is established that all popular festive events must be designed in spaces that reduce the risks of sexual assaults and must have a programming made with a gender perspective. The protocol defines the circuits of action and coordination in the event of a sexual assault during the holidays, and sets up a follow-up group of actions to ensure compliance in each event. The forecast is that the municipal plenary session approves the protocol as soon as possible.

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